The Angband Ladder: Ewert, Half-Troll Mage by ewert

Posted on 16.3.2010 14:35

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On 16.3.2010 14:35 ewert wrote:
Gave the new version a whirl. Had not played mages in a while, so decided to play one especially as they got the new lowered mana costs. Made a troll mage to compensate hit dice and str.

Experience with new version of vanilla: EXCELLENT. :) New artifact tweaks = brilliant. New mana costs = finally a magic-killing mage, great. Even with a troll mage I pretty much used magic all the way. A couple elemental ammo unique kills at low levels, but when a few mana potions were found after that really all kills with magic.

Went for a farming session in the end. Got bored finally, no Cubragol, no Feanor. Had had good luck with speed rings, +11 x 2 from very early levels (one of them my first find yey). All immunities and resistances covered, and when finally found Soulkeeper could also equip lots of speed to do it.

Definitely dunadan for mages now though, as magic is so much more useful as a way of attacking.

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