The Angband Ladder: Caron, Dark-Elf Rogue by thapper

Posted on 13.3.2010 19:41
Last updated on 18.3.2010 20:23

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7954. on the Ladder (of 18816)
177. on the FAangband Ladder (of 494)
7. for this player (out of 16)


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On 13.3.2010 19:41 thapper wrote:
Mim's kids were kid enough to drop the bow and a !exp. Mim himself was just annoying.

On 17.3.2010 22:54 thapper wrote:
What should I get as my third speciality? I'm thinking armsman, together with mana burn it should be good. Or maybe fast attacking? Decisions, decisions...

On 18.3.2010 04:12 Nick wrote:
Both good choices.

On 18.3.2010 20:23 thapper wrote:
YASD. Playing around with a bit to strong foes without enough healing, but he was down to 1 star...

On 19.3.2010 04:54 Nick wrote:
That's always the most dangerous time.

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