Angbandish Fun (r.g.r.a highlights)

As to floating eyes, let them float :).

Twelve days of Christmas song 28.12.2008
The top ten reasons to keep empty chests 13.3.2008
... to the tune of Sheryl Crow All I Wanna Do 5.8.2005
Poetry The Rangers Lament 12.6.2003
OSAngband Operating System: Angband 13.5.2003
Lord of The Rings trailer 1 in angband style 1.2.2003
Lord of The Rings trailer 2 in angband style 1.2.2003
The Ringil Song to the tune of Jingle Bells 1.1.2003
YAFM 19.10.2002
Z-bashing 9.10.2002 ugly things said about Z
Monster Descriptions gcc, Elvis, Veteran Player, Auto-roller and Rapper 9.10.2002
YAFM but not real ones new: Dracolich and trapdoor, Redhat 9.10.2002
It's a hard life being a potion 1.9.2002
Durin's underwear 1.9.2002
Who would build a town on the pit of the dark lord? 18.8.2002
The Day The Jelly Moved 2.2.2002
Paranoid Howler Monkey 2.2.2002 truth about Neo
Battle Scarred Potato 28.1.2002 [image]
Gourmandband power of good food 28.1.2002
Farmer Maggot in Lord of the Rings movie 3.1.2002
The Real Story: Gambolf also starring Gabdolf and The Hobbit, Gabdolf and the Fellowship of the One Ring, The Sorceror's Duel of Gabdolf versus Saurolin and Gabdolf versus the Balgrog! 3.1.2002
Dreams don't play at 4pm 10.12.2001
Beaches 10.12.2001
Mages shall run away... 3.11.2001
You know you've got too much money when... 3.11.2001
Some crude comments on Perl 3.11.2001
BandBand 2.10.2001
MontyPythonband 2.10.2001
Trousers (Are all heroes mad?) 11.9.2001
Vanilla 3.0.0 suggestions 2.9.2001

Fan fiction

Satud by Craig Oliver 17.3.2002

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