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a couple interesting comments about my current game

It's still quite early in the game, and I found that it's worth checking out filthy rags. I'm wearing a filthy rag of resistance [1 +7] (and haven't found any other ego or artifact armor). If I didn't bother with the filthy rag, I'd be wearig a plain old +0 soft studded leather.

I also found in this game a broken short sword of *slay dragon* (+2 -2).
Now it's got 1d2 -2 damage, which would mean 0 damage, with the slay multiplier, hmm now that's still 0 damage. ..and yet it sells for about 3500 gold.

So I have a main computer and a way obsolete laptop (windows 95). The main computer has the newest version of Angband. But the windows version of Angband doesn't work on my laptop, and there is no dos version of 3.0.7, so my laptop has 3.0.5. Also I have two copies of Angband on my main computer- one is the oniginal and one is with all my modified txt files in the edit folder. The version on my laptop has the new races and classes which I created, but nothing else changed.
I say all that just to say that the above game is from my laptop, and I'm playing a dark elf rogue. The dark elf has the strength and constitution of a half-elf, the intelligence of a high elf, the wisdom of a half-troll, the dexterity of a hobbit, and the charisma of a kobold. Looking the the p_race.txt file now, it looks like I made his skills too good. I'll have to fix that. Hmm, I might lower his intelligence and/or charisma by a point also. Anyway, with how he is in the current game, he'll make the perfect rogue.
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