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Ok I took a hacksaw to my copy of the table. I'd changed every other lever attached to it, so... Anyway I feel I can add a few more comments on what make it's such an absurd setup & where it's causing problems.

I keep hammering on about the 0 str/weight line. This line should have nothing you want to balance on it. It's the sorry you ain't strong enough or your weapon is too heavy line. Yet in the corner we see 4 blows. That shouldn't be there yet is most likely generating desired behaviour. I think if I plugged in the no.'s that'd be 4 blows with a heavy weapon, either priests or warriors. It'll create funny behaviour unless you use weights & blows multipliers that get the numbers off it.

The 0 dex band range is not much better. It reaches 3 blows, in a dex range where you are clumsier then the average joe (assuming an old D&D 9-12 average range). You don't want real game behaviour on their either unless it's to say well you're to clumsy to have more then 1 or 2 blows. That definitely shouldn't be reaching 3. I don't think it's even controlling desired game behaviour like the top rights doing.

Anyway some solutions?
  • Saner weights is a good start. It's a pain in other places, but less then doing it without.
  • Less extreme class variance, let the stats handle more of the load. This'll reduce the work each line of the table has to handle.
  • Make sure most desired/important game behaviour is off the edges of the table.
  • Do something about daggers being a multiplier

(alternative is turning the thing off & using something a little more player/designer friendly)
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