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Good early/mid game artifacts

I think there was a thread on this I saw, or maybe it was just an artifact reballancing thread, but I couldn't find it again by searching.

I don't ever remember getting this before, or if I did it was after I had better weapons, but I'm using Lotharang as my main weapon at 1200'. With an extra attack, it does comparable damage to getting 3/round with a lite weapon enchanted up with scrolls. And it activates like a !CSW every 5 turns, which is nice at this stage of the game where I certainly don't have all my resistances covered yet.
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I've had a number of warriors go pretty far with dethanc - decent damage plus a beam activation. I have a priest who's still using Paurhach at level 40 because he has more use for its Regen than for Cammithrim's combat bonuses. And Thengel, of course, is handy for its wis and confusion.
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Really the standart set has fantastic coverage starting from around about 1000' on. Part of what makes randart play more interesting is that you can't rely on getting anything to cover any particular slot. Though it is rather weird when you struggle and struggle to survive at 1900', then when you finally start diving the artifacts come pouring out of the woodwork.
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