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Talking now doing very well!

i did dive a bit more slowly and carefully than i usually do, and instead of charging right at every unique, i was more careful about making nice tunnels for the summoners, healing myself, etc. it is better to know the character could easily die and hide from hard monsters.

i appreciate everybodys help, thanks!

o also i found some +5 speed gloves and that made a major difference in my running away / healing powers.
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Does option number 2 actually work?
I've tried that only to find myself spending more time gaining levels because I couldn't kill 99% of what is down in the lower levels, what I can kill really depletes my reserves of ammo of comes close to killing me.

Mind you I am talking about going down really low in the dungeon.

Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
I think your problem is compacency: you take a character who is in almost no danger at 1800' and dive very quickly to 3000' without getting used to the increasing danger level. There are two solutions to this:

1. Dive more slowly once you leave 1800'. Make sure you notice how much more dangerous each level/fight is getting - how much more often you have to heal/teleport/rest. As you near 3000' you'll be much more wary of stuff that could kill you, and you'll be much more likely to survive. This is essentially what Psi recommended.

2. The alternative is to dive more *quickly*, right from the start. Don't stop at 1500'-1800', keep going. You'll spend your whole time carefully avoiding what could kill you and killing only what is rewarding, and you'll suddenly find yourself surviving perfectly well at 3000' because you've developed those survival skills through the game.

They end up as totally different experiences, so do whichever you enjoy more.

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