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g. rodrigues
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Fast diving, a myth?

Hi all,

The title in the post is more a provocation to get somebody's attention and, if at all possible, get some advice.

I only play high-elf mages. Lately I've been trying to dive much faster than what I was used to, so a normal game goes like this: spend time in dl1 until getting to clvl 3 and get detect traps. Then keep diving until I get to clvl11 and get id (with a couple of recalls to get the other town books and sell any loot). By this time I am around dl15. Then I dive all the way to stat potion depth (~ dl35). If the mood is right, If I am getting bored, etc. I keep diving. Most of the times, if not always, what this means is that I get to dl35 with no elemental resistances, no FA, no rConf no nothing. So, naturally, if I even smell the least hint of trouble I bail out. Usually, this entails a *fair* amout of stair scumming (meaning, going up and down to land in a hopefully safer level) scrounging for nice loot on the dungeon floor or some easy kill, since basically anything out there can (insta)kill me.

To my surprise, until now almost all of my deaths have been of the "inevitable" kind: when recalling back to the dungeon, I land right in the middle of a pack of gravity hounds or nether hounds or whatever-stupid-idiot hounds, BOOM I am dead. With the usually low amount of hps, they donīt even have to breathe, just claw me to death. Or I sleep somewhere and some crazed Emperor Wight or Death Drake, fast as lightning, comes face to face and nether bolts me to death. Now the frustrating thing is that this happened in all my last 5 or 6 games where I have reached stat gain depth.

So the natural question, is this kind of diving suicidal? The people that dive fast, what precautions do they take? How do you save yourself from the boredom of yo-yoing through the levels and actually kill something worthy (of loot at least)?
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