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The Warriors and their weapons - "Thats not a knife, THIS is a knife"

One of my problems with Angband is I find it stylistically unsatisfying that my warrior is best off in the early to mid game with a light weapon such as a dagger. It is both inaccurate and rather boring to play, as it becomes a case of "ohh, nice weapon but too heavy - k,w,y" How about we give Conan a real chance to wield a two handed sword, or at least close the gap enough so that you aren't crippling yourself to use a bigger weapon. Traditionally in RPGs it was a penalty that Wizards could only use daggers! How about we let the big guys bring the big guns!

I would suggest that warriors get an attack bonus from level one, an extra swing with all weapons. This would cement them as the top of the heap melee guys, an incentive to melee rather than ranged, and make bigger weapons accessible before stat gains. This also insures that they top out as the best in melee after stat gain!

Alternatively, you could give them a bonus to their effective STR and DEX when calculating swings, which reflects their training in weapon handling. With either option you still end up with daggers being best, so I think you need to tweak the weapons as well.

Therefore, I would also cap the number of attacks with weapons on the low and high ends, so the lightest and heaviest weapons are penalized. This would reflect a bit more the realistic utility of the various weapons, and hopefully make the damage vs. carry weight vs. powers decisions a bit more interesting. Perhaps artifacts would be excluded from the swing penalty (making the ‘thancs that much more sought after!). If you use the effective STR and DEX tweak, you could set the numbers such that only warriors get max swings with the heaviest weapons, so you see a Half Troll Hulk wielding a halberd like it was a Wiffle Ball bat!

Another way to tweak weapons is to have weight be a factor in the damage bonus, so the lightest weapons do not receive the full damage bonus from strength, and heaviest weapons receive some multiple of the bonus to be determined by game balance (1.1x - 2x?). Again this change will insure that warrior gets the benefits from level one as they start with more strength and should end with the most strength as well.

My final and least favorite idea is to penalize the ‘to hit’ chance based on class for each swing after the first, so at the very least for the 4th swing with a dagger, warriors are best. This will make the damage vs. weight vs. powers problem space a little more interesting for the other classes as well.

As an aside, it would be nice if the average damage per swing was displayed on the character page, perhaps in parenthesis after the number of swings, so warriors don’t have to pull out the calculator every time we find a new weapon!

Just some of my thoughts, do any other players have some ideas?
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