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[FA 033] Weapon Choice , Doriath / Holy Avenger

Question: Should i stick with a short sword of Doriath(low damage dice , sus charisma, rBase, FA, SI) or Holy Avenger Trident (slays , sus DEX, wisdom increase) ?


right now im at AR25 , and after slaying Othrod, got a Short Sword of Doriath.

a) a Small Sword of Doriath (1d6) (+8,+10) [+3] (+4 to stealth)

yeah i know , Ranger = no melee , but previous to the above find/drop , i was still getting maximum damage out of swapping around

r) a Long Sword of Poisoning (2d5) (+10,+14)
s) a Trident (Holy Avenger) (1d7) (+14,+10) [4,+1] (+1)

and the rings i have are :

c) a Quartz Ring of Free Action
d) a Corundum Ring of Deadliness (+10)

i've noticed , even though the Trident (HA) should do more damage against evil 'o's , the poisoning Long Sword (being a higher dice weapon, IMO?) offs them faster.

i do have Ammo :

0) 33 Arrows (1d8) (+1,+0)
1) 76 Arrows (1d6) (+2,+3)
2) 38 Arrows (1d6) (+3,+1)
3) 82 Arrows (1d6) (+1,+0)

but they get expended too fast!

"When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche.
(does this mean the RNG learns my worst fears, mummy?)
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