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I think that this brings up a few good points:
1. I would not add more light sources for the sole purpose of hiding the phial, etc., though I would support a light source like Glowing stone, or something similar that could become your "Ego level" light source. (and, if implemented, you could call all the artifact light sources "Stones" until they were pseudo'd)

2. I do not think that Vault floor tiles should be in any way seperated (For Gameplay purposes) from regular floor tiles. if you mistakenly teleport into one, well, sucks for your characters ancenstors, you should have detected and thought first. ( I do understand that the seperation for stats purposes is a big help, though.)

3. fuzzy detection - awesome, really. you should have to SEE the item to know what it is, but that should be true for all classes and all detection spells. (Sorry rouge)

4. artifacts - really, there should not be any special rules for item pickup, etc. they should be treated likeother items - if only to keep them hidden. but, Like NPP, I think that some form of Randarts should be allowed, even in a "Normal" artifact game. (though these should not overshadow all of the standarts, I think that the chance of an awesome randart late game should be at least halfway decent.)

meh, that's my two cents.
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