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What about new items?

Just to add more junk.

Today I read in "The Children of Húrin" and when Túrins horn was mentioned I thought that it would be nice to have things like that in Angband.
I.e. the horn of Túrin, the horn of Boromir, maybe horns of various dwarves. There could also be flutes of elves and harps or lyres from aman.
These items could influence intelligence, wisdom and charisma. They might have activations that strengthen the characters fighting abilities or make creatures sleep or weaken foes or scare them. They also could glow and grant permanent light.

To reduce junk effect they should be very rare.
This would require a change in game mechanics - either they would require a new body slot (like worn on shoulder or such) or they must be allowed to be activated in inventory.

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