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My best early find.

I'm playing a human warrior (in Vanilla) for the first time. My first dive was going well--I found a dagger of *Slay Animal* on DL 5 and was levelling up really fast. Then, on DL 7, I read an un-IDed scroll ad got recalled to the surface. I had enough gold for a couple of WoRs but decided to take the stairs back down instead. I accumulated some new potions (I don't quaff un-IDed potions ever since I found that potion of Death on DL 5) and some other random stuff I found on the floor.

When I got to DL5, I had a Very Good feeling and figured it was worth snooping around a little. My inventory was getting full when I ran into Bullroarer. He went down easy, but I didn't have room in my inventory for all of his loot--so I waited my pseudo-ID to kick in on the stuff I already had. The soft leather boots I found on the floor earlier IDed as "excellent," so I put them on thinking "Yay! Free action!" Instead, a "Fast (+9)" appeared at the bottom of the screen! Yep, Boots of Speed +9 on the floor of DL 5.

These are the best boots of speed I've ever found--and I've done a *lot* of deep-level scumming for Morgy kits.

Note to self: Still need free action and see invisible.
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