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Malak Darkhunter
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The New Angband overall thoughts

At first I wasn't sure if I liked the new changes to V, but I find that the more I play it the more I like it. This morning I loaded up the latest version of V and played on my wifes laptop while we were out of town. Created a character I don't ever play with, a Half-Troll warrior. I almost immediately got hooked this character was capable of diving right off the bat, the new changes in psudeo-id alowed me to briefly carry items then keep or get rid of them as I chose. I especially like the information about weapons that tell you the number of turns it takes to carve out different rock types. The game I felt was quicker, more interesting, with new items to discover. It's definately more fun with having the capability to start diving almost from the start, instead of wasting hours getting your character geared up to dive. Thanks for the hard work and keep developing Takkira! The game is more fun now than ever!
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I also find it much easier to dive with this new version. I have the impression that as we dive we find the equipment needed along the way without having to explore much. I almost always stumble on the pieces of equipment I need for the depth I'm at. And I also find this version more and more interesting the more I play.

On a side note the monster recall colors still needs a bit of tweeking. I love when the type of monster (evil, natural) was highlighted. Once the full release is out, I'll do the same as I did with almost every version, recode this part the way I need it.

Nice job Takkaria!
Keep it up!
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