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Create your own (mage) spellbook

I have been reading some of the posts about sorting out the mage spells, and that they aren't as powerful as holy spells on average. I found it fun to dream up a new spellbook. Not a serious proposition. Perhaps you would like to dream up a spellbook and post it in this thread too?

I figure that mages should be 'more magical' than priests, and more so have 'a spell for every occasion', rather than simply more powerful spells. Here's what I came up with.

Mark's Menagerie of Missing Methods

Seal Backpack (Lvl:15; Mana:10)
Items in your backpack cannot be stolen, shattered, burnt, drained for 20d10 turns

Bolt of Fire and Frost (Lvl:20; Mana:15)
Does 8d8 damage against all creatures not resistant to both fire and frost

Detect Danger (Lvl:20; Mana:8)
Detects all out-of-depth monsters and uniques

Aura of Clarity (Lvl:25; Mana:10)
Protects against stunning, confusion and hallucination for 10+d10 turns.

Track Danger (Lvl:25; Mana:16)
Grants telepathy for all out-of-depth monsters and uniques for 50+d50 turns

Ball of Wonder (Lvl:28; Mana:30)
Each monster within a 3-radius ball is affected randomly: irresistable slowing, confusion, sleep, or attempt d200 damage of a random element

Resist Disenchantment (Lvl:30; Mana:20)
1/3 damage reduction from disenchantment. Items cannot be disenchanted. Mage only.

Charm (Lvl:32; Mana:50)
Attempts to change allegiance of a monster. Uniques and Monsters without minds are immune. Mage only

Mass Slow (Lvl:35; Mana:30)
All Monsters in LOS are slowed by -2 for level/2 turns, this cannot be resisted or stacked
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