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Why is "variants" page gone ?

I used to regularly check , but it doesn't exist anymore
(yet, note the dead link is still available from the forum's page menu)

I suppose it was often outdated, and was "lacking" a ton of small variants, but I believe it was a handy way to keep an eye on what exists and might be worth a glance.

Especially since variants could be sorted by last update date

Is there any other place fullfilling this function now ? brought me to which looks unreadable
and, clearer, but needs a lot of scrolling, and doesn't look very official (read, probably just maintained by 1 user, will desync, etc.)

Anyway, I'm not an active player anymore, but I kinda miss a way to easily check for most popular and new variants, like Heng, O, NET/Mutliplayer versions (or even ToME).
(well, Heng would also need some genealogy tree to make it moke clear, since... CHeng, PosCheng, Frog...what xD ?

& Thanks for the quick answer, Nick

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The site is going through some changes - I'm not sure about whether the variants page will come back.

For now, if you're looking foe executables there's the Zaimoni archive, and if you're after source code there's the Angband variant repository.
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PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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Yes, this link's format looks perfect to me @Powerwyrm.

Still seems to miss some versions, especially most of PosCHengband tree, which is what I played most in last 10 years, but it basically features most of the informations I'd be looking for.
I'd also suggest adding a "micro-description" (and removing comic-sans-ms ), but these are real details : Latest update & parent version is often enough for one to know whether it's worth giving it a try.

Anyway, will keep those somewhere and check them sometimes.
Just YASD'd some new characters on my good old Heng 1.6.2 and POSC bêta, but guess I should try FromComPosband or some other too.

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I suppose it might be good idea to make V website as a place to meet for all variant lovers and devs... As variants - it's one the most unique feature of Angband compared to all other classic roguelikes (we have 150 different variants!).

It might be hard for V devs to keep Variants table up-to-date, so maybe rework variants page into guide about modding to inspire more ppl develop their own variants

eg I've made FAQ about it
and put some tutorials: (V one) (MAng standarts)
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