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I'm here mostly for the Harfoots

My favorite part of the show so far is the Harfoots--I've been operating under the assumption starman is Gandalf because of the way he spoke to some flying insects--or something--I don't remember exactly what as I took a six month break after watching the first two episodes (I just started watching again)--but it was reminiscent of how he spoke to a moth while imprisoned on top of Orthanc.

Overall I think the storytelling could be better--they are trying to tell way too many stories at once--it's confusing af (I just started episode 6), but I suppose it will get easier as the show goes on, but I don't remember anything from the first half of The Silmarillion when I read it decades ago, and I googled Halbrand and Adar, and now I'm **really** confused....

I googled Halbrand because he is the most compelling character in the show so far, yet I didn't recognize his name from Anband like the others, so I was confused why such a prominent character wasn't in the game (Angband is my source of info outside of LOTR since I don't remember what I read of The Silmarillion).

I am trying not to be annoyed with the casting choice for Galadriel. She is like 5' tall!

In summary: I'm most interested in the Harfoots/starman storyline and Halbrand, as for me they have been the most interesting/compelling--the rest of the lot are in "wait and see" territory (though I also like Durin and the elf that is helping the mother and her boy with the spooky blade).
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