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My ranger

Not so much a report, but a cry for suggestions... I've never been good at this game, despite playing to varying degrees over a number of years. Any suggestions for equipment/inventory would be appreciated.
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Enchant some arrows. Money spent on consumables (curing potions, means of escape, ammo) is always well spent. Look after these and other gear will look after itself (especially in NPP).
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ive been playing these sorts of games for a long time, since macmoria on my ancient macintosh... and ive still not beaten it.
Never deterred me from having fun playing it over the years however.
Basically keep well stocked with cure critical wounds potions, phase door and transportation scrolls, and always keep a few word of recall scrolls when you know you need to get out of a level or need to reorganize your inventory.
Certainly as a ranger, it is relatively cheap and easy to upgrade lots of arrows with to hit and to damage scrolls, just in case you dont stumble across more quality things too often in early stages.
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