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RNG's get crazy

Today, I had my second runin with Feagwath. Last time, I just ran away. Today, he was in residence in a vault on level 75. I'd sneak in, kill a few lesser monsters, he would come along, slap the bejeezus out of me, and I would teleport self away. Rinse and repeat a half dozen times.

Finally, instead of tele self, I TO'd HIM out of the vault, and proceeded to clean up.

All finished, I'm looking around for a stairway down, and run right into him. The only difference this time around, is that I ran into HIM - and I had first strike.

I melee'd him to death, using a Blade of Chaos, Holy Avenger. Instead of hammering me into oblivion with something or other, he melee's right back. I won!!

He dropped a mithril shod boots of speed, [8+13] <+7> Not bad, but I already have iron shod boots of speed, [4+3] <+8>

Not willing to give up a point of speed for the added AC.

But the whole point is, my previous encounters proved that I was no match for Feagwath - but the Random Number Gods decided otherwise!!
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He is very late on my kill list for uniques. You never know if you need 1 healing potion or 10.
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