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[V]Warrior Inventory and what to Stash at Home

So I've come back to Angband after a long time off. After trying multiple Dunadan,Half-orc warriors as well as a mage, ranger, and paladin, I've settled on a HT warrior.

I've gotten through the first hurdle when stat gain begins around lvl 30-45 where my previous warriors all died. I had a tendency to dive past 40 while only clvl 35+.

has the kit I'm currently working with. Sacrificed minor hp, resists and damage for Superb stealth. But there is a pretty big AC hit I'm taking for the stealth. My other kits are all around 180+ AC. I have a full resist kit I can put on that has 10-20% less damage. I have a full damage kit that's only 5% more damage than this, so I figured this kit is really convenient, and I love the stealth. I've got all 4 immunes, although only acid in a non-weapon slot.

I've never gotten past stat gain even when I played 15+ years ago. How deep can I dive now and what should I be looking for? I need another rodDetection., and I'm looking to pick up some speed. What else?
I also noticed most uniques are vulnerable to slow, so I picked up a rod but haven't used it yet.

Also, I need major inventory management help. I carry a lot of swap items in my inventory for disenchant/drain/confusion/immunities, etc, but my home is still always full and I only ever have enough slots to bring back 2-4 items each trip. What should I stash and what are the priorities?

The following are what I've been trying to stash, but it's grown unwieldy and I just don't have enough slots for both these and other equipments. I've already tossed lots of artifacts: mostly weapons, but some gaunts/boots/etc.

Stat Restore:

*Healing*/Life(not found yet)
!Speed/MushStoneskin/!Bers(got rid of a full stack due to inventory issues)

Mob Management?
Banish/Mass Banish


Eventual item/consumable scumming
Deep Descent/Acquirements

Finally, I've upgraded most of my staves/scroll stacks to rods, like illumination/recall/ID. But I used to just drop the staves and re-buy them to bring back more loot. Now i can't. What do you think of switching back to discardable consumables for that?

Man, Warrior inventory is hard to manage.

PS> I'm using the cheat options to look up creature abilities. I'll try it the more painful way with Probing after I've gotten my first victory.
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