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Gear Issues

So, my best warrior so far, Faur, seems to be doing well. He found a nice ring of +10 speed off a blue yeek at Dlv15! I was holding on to Gondicram for a while because of the +50 AC and see invisible and free action. Then he found the Main Gauche of Azaghal, and when he got see invisible and free action covered I switched to that for the immunity to fire. Then "sting" decided to come along, so now I dont know what weapon I should use and what equipment is the most important. I really need rPoison, but I don't want to give up my ring slots to a rPoison ring.
Any advice for what I should use, ignore/sell or look out for would be great, I really dont want to lose this character.
Here is the dump:
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At that depth, you start to risk being one-shotted to death by big poison breathers, so I would say sacrifice that juicy extra damage and wear a ?rPoison until you find better gear (it will not take long, hopefully). Remember, staying alive is priority #1.
The risk is particularly high for warriors, since they lack detection (stick to the rods if you find them).

I think Sting will still win on damage after taking off the =Dam, so keep using it. Consider keeping Azaghal in your inventory as a swap weapon, in case you run into fire breathers and/or dragons.
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advice, help a n00b in distress, warrior

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