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Cross-compiling for Windows.

I'm starting a separate thread since I've hit a soft wall and I now know what the problem is.

I have angband compiling and running, but it currently runs through Cygwin. Looking at, it should have been created as a native Windows executable, and this is what I want (I don't need Posix emulation, etc.).

What do I need to modify in for this to compile as a Windows executable? Currently I'm calling with MINGW=yes as an option, but the cross-compiler isn't producing a Windows executable--it's producing a Cygwin executable.

I'm a bit lost at this point because the makefile is a bit complicated so I'd rather not use trial-and-error if there's a simple solution.

Thanks as always. I'll get this thing to work even if it kills me.
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The problem was discussed here:

Apparently adding CROSS=i686-pc-mingw32- will fix the issue for Cygwin cross-compile. In the thread above, it failed to work, but this was a fault of an older

I also had to undo the changes to z-file.c, not surprisingly. I had thought that was the issue there!

In summary, if you want to compile a Windows executable, the proper commands for clean and build are:

${MAKE} MINGW=yes -f clean

${MAKE} MINGW=yes CROSS=i686-pc-mingw32- -f

Good Luna this has been a misadventure. Happily able to start work on my variant, however, so no complaints here.
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cross-compile, cygwin, makefile, mingw, windows

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