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Hengband 3.0.0Alpha52 released in Japanese & English - unofficial English build notes

Hengband 3.0.0Alpha52 has been released in Japanese and English versions:

Big changes that I'm familiar with are:

- Curses build now compiles and runs in Linux-like environments
- Curses map/dungeon subwindow can now expand to take advantage of larger terminal windows
- Curses build now has PosChengband-style subwindow command line configuration ("./hengband -- -right 46x24,* -bottom *x12" approximates the old default behavior but with a potentially larger map/dungeon subwindow, for instance, while the new "-- -o" suboption actually switches back to the old subwindow behavior; for more on the PosChengband-style subwindow control command line syntax, see the bottom half of the FrogComposband readme: )

backwardsEric had a big hand in that first one, and Gwarl handled most of the latter two. : )

I found a tweet in Japanese mentioning that (Google Translate) "The highlight is that the enemy can now use the void and the abyss."

Google Translate can't handle the auto-generated changelog so here's a more manual Google Translate etc crack at it; some entries may be overly cryptic and/or repeats:

- Replaced ID specification processing in wizard mode arbitrary terrain change with get_value.
- Corrected a mistake in sending the text of the Demon King of Angmar.
- Disable score sending function in English version
- Color patch for 88 and 256 color terminals
- declare iterand inside loop
- Fixed the failure of compilation in Cygwin
- Fixed an issue where race- and occupation-dependent discounts weren't working
- Make room_type an enum class and organize loop processing appropriately.
- cursor flickering fix
- Fix-Uid-Checker-Compilation
- feature / refactor-RoomType
- (Curses) implement bigscreen by default, an option to use the old behavior, a...
- Included variant name in save data
- Resolved the compilation errors
- Based on Habu's research, skip reading 1 byte after the version number
- Of the define statements defined in angband-version.h, the ones other than the version number are const...
- Reshaped load.cpp
- Apply code formatting with clang-format
- Corrected the grammar according to Habu's point
- Improved that the message when receiving the royal summon of Amber when blind is confused with the undead summon (draft)
- Secondary color fix, dimensions fix
- Use built-in literals for bool types
- feature / fix-curses-additional-mod
- According to Mr. Hiryu's point, the part where the number of characters of the variant name was literally defined in the remnants of the define sentence era is lens ...
- Remove-Old-Variant-Number
- The effect on @ that was created for when the abyss attribute and the void attribute were reflected by the enemy monster is not actually ready for use, and when it is reflected, the effect ...
- In player-status-resist.cpp, the part that refers only to the player (floating, wall through, anti-tele) is judged by the horse on board ...
- Also correct that the maximum damage multiplier for the abyss / void attribute is not calculated in the damage warning.
- Fixed the damage to the player not being defined in the Void / Abyss attribute.
- Implemented bolts, balls, and breaths with emptiness and abyss attributes
- void is not void but void. Bulk correction
- Redefining behavior (habit?)
- Delete the typedef in the struct definition
- Replace constant with redefined one
- Match token definitions
- Item and monster road classes will be in the same class for the time being
- Compatibility assurance by h_older_than will not work except for Hengband
- feature / Refactor_mflags...
- feature / make_h_older_th...
- Correction of Japanese translation correction omission
- Corrected how to write r_info based on reviews
- Since has_* returns BIT_FLAGS, it is modified so that it is bool to be used in the judgment in if ().
- I made a mistake in determining the resistance, so I corrected it again.
- has_pass_wall is returned as bool, so restore it
- Revised the message when receiving a review and summoning Amber's royal family when blind
- feature / null
- Corrected a grammatical error in the flavor text attached to the folding screen tiger.
- Raised the rarity of Chaos Vortex from 1 to 2
- Defined AbstractWeaponEnchanter class in abstract-we...
- Inherited WeaponEnchanter from AbstractEnchanterBase
- Reshaped Weapon Enchanter
- The file of the process related to item enhancement was divided into folders as a whole.
- Changed return type from bool to void for make_attac...
- Changed monap_type from struct to class Monster Attach...
- Moved constructor from monster-attack-util.cpp/h to...
- Deleted monster-attack-util. *
- Sorted methods in call order
- Adjust-Monster-Alpha52
- Define-Weapon-Enchanter
- Correct the position of {} in the if statement of the file edited in
- feature / fmt
- Avoids run-time errors when the distribution of randnor () is less than or equal to 0.
- Unite-Monster-Attack-Player
- Enchanter constructors have side effects on o_ptr, so apply_magic_to_object (...
- Fix-Unexpected-Enchant-Occurred
- Reshaped inventory-curse.cpp
- Fixed 2 compilation warnings in MSVC environment
- feature / refactoring
- feature / fix-m_bonus-randnor
- Redefining the appearance flag
- Replace constant with redefined one
- Match token definitions
- Plastic surgery
- feature / Refactor_mflags...
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Nice to see Hengband development being active. Yes, apparently, 'Void' and 'Abyss' are two new elements; there's also the Elementalist class (don't know if it was in 2.x.x; I think earlier versions already had Merfolk and Chargeman personality), and tons of new monsters (mainly references to other media).
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