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S: what do I need to get multiple blows with wrestling?

I guess this question is mostly intended for Camlost as he has done the most recent coding updates to Sangband.

I am playing the latest version (unofficial beta) and I know the martial arts code has been changed to allow multiple blows, and I have seen my karate-using characters get several blows with mid-level stats and skill (I can't remember exactly but I had around 50% in karate with around 18/10 in str and dex and got 3 blows.)

This is my first wrestling character to get past the early game; I have 18/100 str and 18/10 dex and 58% wrestling and still only get 2 blows that don't seem to do much damage. It's really hurting my melee ability as I'm at the stage where I would get multiple blows with most weapons, and probably do more damage with each blow.

I know there was a bugged version where the number of blows was not calculated correctly, but I'm pretty sure I have the latest, so I'm just wondering what I need to do to improve my fighting ability.
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