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New randart code in trunk

Hi all,

Better late than never, they say. A mere 7.5 years after it was written and only a year or so after Takkaria kindly invited me to get my arse into gear, I have finally uploaded the "new" randart code into trunk.

I've also uploaded a patch which fixes the artifact spoiler so it now displays full weapon info, and allows spoiler generation from the death menu. This way you can play with randarts and see the full set when you die, without marking your savefile as a cheater. (You can of course still generate the spoiler before death by using wizard mode.)

Those of you who enjoy playing bleeding edge versions, please let me have your views on the new randarts. If you see anything bad (or particularly good) happening, let me know.

I've started a catch-all ticket on the tracker: Please log your issues there, rather than here, because this site is blocked from work (and I tend to do most of my hacking from work).

As this is development code I have left logging on, which means you will get a randart.log file in your game dir (yeah I know, it should be in lib/user/ or something). Apologies to those using ancient machines where hard disks are still measured in MB rather than GB - the log file can reach 3-4MB in size.

Happy angbanding,

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