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PWMAngband 1.6.0 released

For those unfamiliar with PWMAngband, it's a multiplayer real-time variant of Angband based on MAngband 1.x with additions from ToME (features from the time it was still called PernAngband, but without the Pern references) and a few personal additions: new races, classes, monsters and items.

This release mainly ports the latest changes from Vanilla 4.2.x and implements various other features/fixes.

See for the Windows release.

To play on a PWMAngband server or start your own server, download the binaries and unzip the files (client and server are both in the same zip file now). And enjoy!
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Here's the complete changelist since 1.5.0 (warning -- that's a lot to read!):

User interface

Angband 4.2.x:

- Show spell description by default when browsing
- Update scalable 16x16xw.woff to the newest upstream version
- Allow '@' to fast forward the birth process using random choices and a default
point buy for the statistics
- Change keymap terminator to =
- Change key to reset birth options to the Angband defaults
- Changed purchase message to show if a book is not usable
- More consistent background handling
- Allow yes/no interface options to carry over between characters
- Generate sounds when entering or leaving stores
- Reorder checks/confirmations so they happen before additional prompts
- In open targeting mode, allow running keys to step 10 grids at a time
- Use the color table values in screenshots for COLOUR_DARK and COLOUR_WHITE
- GCU: also set background color on standard screen
- Add option to include monster list in screenshots
- Print total number in pack/quiver when dropping, picking up, or consuming
an item that's in the pack/quiver or ends up there
- Improve "puff of smoke" messaging
- Allow monster races to customize the spell casting messages
- Clarify rejection message for the fire command
- Add comma to monster's name where appropriate
- Change messages when a new keymap is entered
- Drop phrase in monster name when forming a possessive
- GCU: for 256 or 88 color terminals, default to using init_color() for the
color table
- SDL2: fix handling of '=' key
- Allow more menus to use the rogue-like movement keys for navigation
- Change message from "You see" to "You recall" when targeting an unseen grid
- Add borders around option menu prompts that don't clear the screen
- Suppress "You have ..." message for artifact jewelry when all non-curse runes
are known
- Modify text when player is aware of a monster via detection or telepathy
- Change default Enter key behavior in stores
- Don't beep when escape is pressed while '*' targeting
- Adjust description of Mana Channel
- Move artifact light sources to top of item list if unidentified
- SDL: make use of scalable fixed-width fonts in lib/fonts
- Windows: allow "Enable nice graphics" to use all tile multipliers available
in the menu
- Align store item's context menu keys with the command keys in the store
- Better match store's in-game help description to the keys available
- Have lurkers and trappers become noticeable in ASCII
- Remove ctrl-c keymap
- In inventory item context menu, change "Drop All" command key to 'A'
- Only redraw the store if you bought something
- Customize spell messages for monsters incapable of speech
- Drop "light" from the descriptions of some quylthulg varieties
- Only show the "Throw" context menu option for objects that can be thrown
- Display spell points even if encumbrance drops maximum to zero
- Character sheet: use '~' for something with resist and vulnerability


- Allow negative cost for object kinds to tag them "not for buying" in stores
- Add option to hide controlled monsters in monster lists
- Add /race and /class custom commands to display race and class stats during
- Clarify message when creating a character with a name that is already taken
- Revert default ignoring options to "no ignore"
- MotD shown on login in message window (from motd.txt in /lib/screens)
- Add slays/brands to character sheet
- Allow to polymorph directly using form name with the V command
- Add swear word protection for names and messages
- Don't refresh monster list after a pause due to detecting some monsters
- Add /dps command to display average normal damage per round
- Always display all character symbols on the minimap
- Highlight party members in blue on the minimap
- Display ASCII symbols for distorted tiles in knowledge screens
- Don't clear monster/player detection counter if using the 'L' command
after detection until the player has finished looking around
- Add a loading screen between character selection and MotD display
- Allow to color portions of a message using $ and ^ tags
- SDL: rearrange options menu like for the Win client and only allow changing
tile options during setup phase
- SDL2: only allow changing tile options during setup phase

Gameplay changes

Angband 4.2.x:

- Apply temporary and off-weapon slays and brands to unarmed combat
- Reduce monsters passing through or tunneling walls
- For special artifacts, remove additional out-of-depth check on the kind
- Have DETECT_DOORS detect all types of doors, not just secret ones
- Forget remembered impassable terrain at the player's grid if the player is
- Don't disturb the player when a chest trap is detected
- Factor in player trap immunity for failed attempts to disable chest traps
- Broaden the possible grids for teleport destinations
- Adjust calculation for holding summoned monsters
- Don't deduct energy in move_player() when the player doesn't move
- Set Wooden Torches to appear on all levels
- Hydras now just bash rather than open doors
- Restrict entrances to the Fire Festival vault
- Have waybread heal 4d8
- Give hafted weapons bonuses if the character has the BLESS_WEAPON property
- Drop OPEN_DOOR and BASH_DOOR on ethereal dragons
- Drop OPEN_DOOR on Kavlax, mature and ancient dragons
- Impose a distance constraint for non-entry stairs of the same type
- Trap: skip extra effect or other side effects if the player is dead


- Limit ESP_RADIUS to 75% of z_info->max_sight if LIMITED_ESP is set
- Drastically reduce dark elven warlock group size
- Allow curative spells/potions to heal controlled monsters
- Allow permanently polymorphed DMs, turn ghost mode off in that case
- Tweak dragons a bit, reduce HP bonus from high level forms by roughly 5%
- Prevent entry to shallow dungeons based on max level instead of current level
- Buffed The Lost Silmaril of Maglor
- Take half a turn when taking off/dropping/refilling an item (ported from V)
- Make pit walls much less likely to be pierced by steamers deep in the dungeon
- Exclude wearing from !* inscription
- Implement RAND_100 flag and assign it to goldfishes
- Remove level requirement from shops
- Rework level requirement to depend only on object level and power
- Increase the number of fountains in dungeons
- New formula for average damage per attack for polymorphed players
- Polymorphed monks get half the to-dam bonus
- Allow monsters to cross one tile of damaging terrain if it doesn't kill them
- Allow multiple values for race/class abilities depending on level
- Allow chance of generating features in wilderness to be as low as 1/10000
- Use time bubble when digging
- Give UNLIGHT players extra infravision
- Add INC_BY_FIXED and DEC_BY_FIXED to increase/decrease satiation by a fixed
amount instead of using percentage
- Apply V's SELECT effect as an average of all effects
- New class: Villager

Bugs fixed

Angband 4.2.x:

- A couple of minor fixes
- Stop monsters hasting themselves
- Set kind's cost for special artifacts
- Allow dumping a color with all zero components if in the basic colors
- Only identify teleport away/scare/dispel/sleep/turn effects if the monster is
- Fix Triple diamond room
- Fix awkward word in the description for Create Arrows
- Learn feather falling if equipped and exposed to fiery terrain
- hit_trap(): interaction with disturb() and learning trap immunity rune
- Check for resistance before issuing message about confusion from strong light
or sound attacks
- Fix incorrect scaling of monster hearing and smell
- SDL2: limit the number of builtin fonts tracked
- SDL2: return early in pict hook if tiles aren't enabled
- Fix Venn diagram room template
- Have HEAL_HP effect work if there's no base or bonus in the amount


- Fix unarmed rogues able to "stab" monsters
- Fix crash when enabling/disabling tiles during character creation
- Fix crash during ego/artifact generation by saving ego/artifact indexes as
u16b instead of byte
- Prevent calling exit_game_panic() after shutdown_server() succeeds
- Add missing checks when switching place with a friendly monster or another
- Prevent switching place with another player if standing on potentially harmful
- Check for dead monster/player when fading detect over time
- Fix out of bounds crash when generating a death dump from a small labyrinth
- Fix moronic crash when looking at a pile of floor-size items on the floor
- Fix moronic bug allowing players to walk while paralyzed
- Fix spell info/description for spells using SET_VALUE or spell power
- Fix Cloud room template
- Correctly set mana pool cap to +10 from items and +15 overall
- Add spell name to spell info sent to client to allow keymap by spell to work
- Fix object_all_modifiers_are_known()
- Redraw equip subwindow when inscribing items in the quiver
- Fix crash in file_newer()
- Learn "on wield" runes when picking up ammo
- Fix attacking while walking/jumping/running with extra moves not spending
a full turn of energy
- Fix some va_arg argument types in vstrnfmt
- Learn FEATHER flag when walking on water
- Fix monster AI bug
- Fix crash when targeting a healing spell with a friendly monster in sight
- Fix Dungeon Master pet attacking other monsters
- Fix pets attacking non-hostile player pets
- Fix PROJECT_BEAM error making limited length beams not working
- Hardcode poison effect on potions of poison to avoid identifying issues
- Consider spells on cooldown as okay to cast by the client
- Update browse book screen when a spell enters or goes off cooldown
- Fix wilderness mapping
- Prevent trying to add a player to the "Neutral" party
- Fix double free in Receive_minipos()
- Fix allocation/deallocation of player body

Coding changes

Angband 4.2.x:

- Add a return value to new_player_spot() to indicate success/failure
- Restart cave generation in case of failure in new_player_spot() instead of
generating a panic save
- Tidy up vault_chunk()
- In ranged_helper() get the object description after the knowledge updates
- Split effect handlers into multiple files
- Move choice between the old and new vaults to dungeon_profile.txt
- In TAP_UNLIFE, cancel the target set if the creature dies
- Rewrite scatter() and add an extended version
- Make calc_inventory() more efficient
- Simplify prepare_next_level()
- Split target_set_interactive_aux()
- Move the modifiable bits of the artifact structure into their own structure
and make the artifact structure const
- Limit the maximum number of attempts at rooms for modified and moria chunks
- Cache the result of is_quest() in the dun_data structure for cave generation
- Don't set player upkeep flags when using an item from the floor
- Relax assumption that ignore_type_of() for all ego items is not ITYPE_MAX
- Tidy logic for message about revealed object when rubble cleared
- Use TF_LOS, remove square_iswall()
- Perform the extra color table set up for more than 16 colors in init_gcu
- Improve object origin merging
- Remove some suspect uses of format()
- Refactor object_similar()
- Refine combining origins
- Account for SET_VALUE/CLEAR_VALUE effects in get_spell_info()
- Remember cursor size
- Stop treating quiver items as wielded for learning of runes
- Add Term_redraw_all()
- Don't overwrite a normal save with a panic save
- Fix some comments in z-file.c
- Constrain search in drop_find_grid() to avoid out-of-bounds access
- Make highscore_read return value consistent
- Use C99 types for the fixed size integers
- Avoid most integer conversion warnings from Visual Studio
- Add a mode to object_desc() that allows overriding obj->number
- Move effect datafile functions to the right place
- Mark dice_t* arguments as const if the function doesn't modify them
- Add const to pointer arguments for functions in z-util.h
- Add an iterator-like version of cave_find_in_range()
- Move remove_object_curse() to obj-curse.c
- Make ui-player-properties
- Move logic for bookkeeping after a player's move from move_player() to its
own function so it can be called in other cases when the player moves
- Avoid platform-dependent right shift of negative values
- Drop use of Mix_Init() to test for sound file compatibility
- Protect calculation in monster/object rating against overflow
- Protect calculation in object_value_real() against overflow
- Check against overflow when boosting the value of out-of-depth object
- Correct some comments related to the sound system
- Remove sound.cfg
- Changes to UN_KTRL and ENCODE_KTRL
- Return early from process_world() if the player takes fatal damage
- Damage player last so messages are ordered properly if the player dies
- Fix places where monster_is_mimicking() was used as a synonym for
- Tweak obj-init.c for robustness, consistency, and formatting
- Small optimization for lookup_sval()
- Tighten parsing in z-expression.c
- Tweak init.c for robustness and consistency
- Replace my_strcpy(b, format(...), sizeof(b)) with strnfmt(b, sizeof(b), ...)
- Don't modify names in projections array while parsing player_property.txt
- Tighten parsing in mon-init.c
- Have expression_base_value_f functions return an int32_t to match declaration
- Move more special cases hard coded in player-timed.c to player_timed.txt
- z-virt: remove memory poisoning support
- ui-term: remove attr_blank & char_blank
- Tidy some monster-related parsing
- SDL2: keep track of subwindow visibility in sdl2init.txt
- When _WIN32 is set, use GetCurrentProcessId() to mutate the seed in
Rand_simple() and Rand_init()
- Use codes rather than the printable names in data files
- Configure categories for the monster knowledge menu from a data file
- Add to default keymaps so shift+numeric keypad works for running on more
- Loosen coupling between MAX_COLORS and the BG_* constants
- Rework choose_nearby_injured_kin() and remove z-set
- Avoid using sscanf()
- Put constants for criticals in constants.txt
- Clean up message handling on targeted earthquakes
- Generation failures: protect against artifact loss and better messages
- Avoid use of floating-point values
- Keep generated levels in the bounds set by constants.txt
- Add diagnostics for missing monster spell messages


- Remove random roller, use default roller instead
- Fix potential crash with standard roller
- Implement SHORT_BEAM effect, replace BOLT_MELEE effect by SHORT_BEAM with
length 1
- Remove bogus END_INFO effect
- Remove square_hack_iscloseddoor() hack
- Don't display "Could not accept TCP Connection, socket error = 0" messages in
the log
- Rework account management
- Add file_get_savefile() and port Rand_simple() from V


- Support for SDL2 client (compiling using Embarcadero C++ 7.30)
- Modify the comment about room cutoffs in dungeon_profile.txt
- Update attack.rst
- Put in first draft of "how it works" documentation for dungeon generation
- Update comments in artifact.txt, ego_item.txt and object.txt
- Adjust brief description for commands
- Update comment about swap weapons keymap in pref.prf
- Add configure option to store gamedata on libpath
- Add panic directory to windows packaging
- Update lib/readme.txt
- Use a top-level help file customized for the chosen keyset
- For the specialized pref files, fix a typo and change some markup
- In the documentation, use lowercase letters with ^ (or Ctrl/ctrl)
- Add descriptions of all the knowledge menu entries to the documentation
for the '~' command
- Fix some compiler warnings
- Extend and update comments in player_timed.txt
- Extend comments in brand.txt and slay.txt
- Add to the comments in monster_spell.txt
- Extend comments in projection.txt
- Remove stdint.h check
- Avoid most of the "redundant declaration" warnings
- Update documentation for keymaps
- Drop mention of wielding ammunition in the documentation
- Update documentation for Holy Avenger and Blessed egos
- Update documentation to match new handling of gold and starting kit
- Docs: mention the toggle ignore command in the ignoring section
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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