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I, like everyone, have had my fair-share of Artifacts, but never seem to get useful ones. Things like Nimtanc and the other daggers are nice uber-early on, but when I get deeper, the Artifacts I find just don't do well. I'd like a nice, fairly-standard weapon like Orcrist or Glamdring, but I always end up getting something useless (to my level). Do the generation chances of Artifacts get bigger as you go down, and do the level feelings do anything about Artifact generation?

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The quality of available artifacts generally increases as you get deeper in the dungeon; early on the artifacts simply aren't all that good (though they're often better than egos, at least for some characters). Orcrist and Glamdring actually aren't all that good as artifacts go; wait until you find Ringil, Eowyn, or the Glaive of Pain.
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Clean out a vault somewhere between dungeon level 90-99 and you are almost guaranteed to find an artifact that will be quite useful to your character (unless this is the 5th such vault you are cleaning out of course).
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