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Question Question, sorry if it gets asked a lot.

Hello, everyone, another question;
I have started a new High-Elf Ranger and on Dlvl5 I found a Black Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [16,+10]
I never have obtained Dragon Armour before and this one gives me rAcid and lets me breath acid balls that do 125 damage. Just wondering if this is counted as a artifact or a ego item, what is the rarity of finding this and what is the value/usefulness of it.
I always found it hard for rangers to deal heavy damage early on, and this is helping me a lot. I just blast uniques and packs of monsters, run, and then do the same again and again, so far it works great.
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That's a pretty lucky find, though not outlandishly so. Dragon scale armors exist for all of the different colors of dragon, though the more exotic dragons have correspondingly rarer armors. They all give you resistance to the dragon's element(s) and an activation that lets you breathe same every once in awhile. They're all standard items, not ego or artifacts. There are, however, egos that can apply to dragon armors (so you could find, for example, Black Dragon Scale Mail of Craftsmanship), as well as a few very rare artifact dragon armors.

Good luck with your ranger! Normally I'd suggest relying heavily on ranged attacks for young rangers, since their spellcasting and melee both aren't especially great. A stack of Phase Door scrolls and a good longbow will take you a long way.
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Having acid breath before dlvl 20 is awesome... you can 1-hit kill most things if you're in a bind. Just be careful not to melt good items lying around on the floor
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dragon armour, high elf, ranger

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