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Angband 64 x 64 pixel tileset

**************************Text below this line was added 9th October 2011**************************

I've had more than a few people ask me about the use of this tileset and/or the use of the tileset already made for ToME. And I've tried to answer that in the best way I could from my point of view (which is a creative painters approach, one with a desire to design and paint rather than be occupied with legal matters and the idea of becoming filthy rich on what he does).

I got introduced to fantasy roleplaying at the age of 12, back in the 80s, MERP was the thing for us then, and we quickly advanced onto Rolemaster. Needless to say for those familiar with both rpg systems, they're based on and heavily influenced by Tolkiens Middle-earth. (at that time, ICE still had the rights to publish Middle-earth related materials).

This again lead to a "massive" library of fantasy/rpg games for the C64/Amiga and later on PC, and so it was that I discovered various roguelike and Angband, and fell inlove with the simple but yet extremely fun gameplay that kept me busy over many years of school. Then work and other stuff came along and I didn't play Angband for years, and I thought for certain that the game was somewhat abandoned by now, but still I went online and quickly found and this forum. And I was proven wrong, there's "tons" of variants and Vanilla Angband itself being kept alive, and so I decided to give the game a little "payback" for all the fun it has given me.

That was a brief and boring background trying to explain the reason why I'm doing this, here comes the do and don't do:

Both the ToME tileset and the Angband Tileset has taken me hundreds upon hundreds of hours to create, painting almost every day since I first started back in January this year. So I would like to say, please do not use these tilesets without permission, as they were mainly created for Angband and ToME in the first place.

ToME tileset brief legal info:

The ToME tileset is a tileset exclusively made for ToME, not to be used with any other games or projects without the blessings of myself and the creator of ToME. However, there are tiles being shared between ToME and Angband.

Angband tileset brief legal info:

The Angband tileset was initially started as an exclusive tileset for Angband, made for free, for a totally free game. Over the months, I've been asked to share the tiles with other variants and roguelike games. My reply has so far been something like this:

You may use the Angband tileset for your game/project/roguelike for free, if the following conditions are met:

-your game/project is non-commercial/doesn't aim to profit from sales/ads

If you plan to use the Angband tileset for a game/project/roguelike that you plan to make profit from:

-Send me a message or e-mail using with your request
-For commercial projects/projects with profit in mind, I aks for a one time cost of $250 to use my tileset

I would be grateful if my name and perhaps a link to my website could travel along with the rest of the credits, wherever this tileset goes : )

I hope that cleared up some confusion and left more people happy about the above, rather than angry and upset...

Updated 18th July 2017:

The "Shockbolt" tilesheet can now be found here, in 64x64 format:

The "Shockbolt" tilesheet can now be found here, in 32x32 format:

Both tilesheets will be updated when more tiles are added to them.

**************************The original first thread post is found below this line**********************************


Thought I'd create a tileset of my own, and here's a preview of what I've painted today, all handpainted in photoshop. The original tileset is 128 x 128 pixels, these are scaled down.

More previews will be added as I finish them, inbetween all the other game graphics these days.

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