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Rings of power, baby

So, unfortunately I donīt have Tolkien quotes to back me up here, and that is kind of the point. It is all very nondescript what powers can be imbued in crafted jewelry. The One Ring itself wasnīt very clear in this regard also; we never really got to see what Galadriel or Gandalf or even a lowly human could have done with it. But judging by their reactions on it being offered to them, a whole lot. For the purposes of this game, tho, I think it is fair to use jewelry as a smithing wildcard. Meaning every skill, stat, ability or misc power can go in it. It makes a lot of sense considering that we are currently limiting the enchantable properties based on what the base item is used for. Jewelry is used for nothing, and as such, is perfect as a recipient of any kind of power.
At first I was reluctant to include melee powers as well (vampiric, brands, slays, tunneling), but I thought about it and it still makes sense; the idea being that the ringīs power allows you to set your wielded weapon ablaze, etc. Or, in the case of tunneling, it grants you the power to collapse parts of the walls by just touching them. So cool! A little over the top, perhaps, but a lot more flavorful than digging with a shovel.
Regarding abilities, it may sound strange at first to put something like exchange places alongside song of silence on a ring or amulet, but! a song is a skill and not really a magic power, it is just the know-how on singing a song that has power, much like exchange places is the know-how on getting past an enemy. If one can be encoded into a piece of jewelry (amulets already can have songs on them) why not the other?

Regarding balance... I donīt think that it upsets it too much. It is just a smithing wildcard, to encourage variety and experimentation when artifacting. With a lot of smithing skill you can do some allpurpose god rings, of course. But with a lot of smithing skill you already are god, anyways. Or Aulë, at least

Before anyone says anything, I already coded this, and opened a pull request to the mpa-sil repo. If you want to play around with it, (and can compile) you can just download from the branch on my fork of the repo. But I wanted to put this rationale up here to explain myself simultaneously to the maintainers of mpa-sil and to the playerbase (and half and Scatha, if they are interested, of course). So, thoughts?
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