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[PWMAngband] New version 1.0.3 is out

For those of you unfamiliar with PWMAngband (that surely means 99.99% of you ), this is a realtime multiplayer Angband variant based on MAngband with additions from ToME (features from the time it was still called PernAngband, but without the Pern references) and a few personal additions.
Since is currently not accessible to me and I don't have the ability to add the latest changes from the MAngband 1.1.0 final version, the new version will be based on MAngband 1.1.0 beta 1 (additional changes up to Thursday, Mar 27), and I'll post the latest changes here, hoping the guys at mang will find time to fix the problem. So here it is...

PWMAngband version 1.0.3 - new client available at the usual location (see my sig), non-permanent server: (it won't show up on the metaserver since the damn metaserver is located on the server too... it's up when I play... I hope someone will set a permanent server soon...)

Changes since 1.0.2 (check forums for version history... if you can connect to the forums that is):

- players won't switch places with themselves anymore when pressing the ';' command
- the cfg option ALLOW_ARTIFACT_HOARDING is now turned off by default
- added an "unconscious" state for monsters (m_ptr->hp = 0)
- "unconscious" monsters don't get energy (they don't move, don't cast, don't attack...)
- "unconscious" monsters don't regenerate
- fixed project_m(): mind blast should pick a random effect (stunning, confusion, sleep or fear) and not apply all of them each time
- DM is now invisible by default (SECRET_DUNGEON_MASTER = true)
- stealing is now disabled by default (NO_STEAL = true)
- dropping/throwing for level 1 chars is now disabled by default (NEWBIES_CANNOT_DROP = true)
- added a cfg option LIMIT_ESP (false by default) to activate a radius of telepathic awareness around the player instead of using full-level ESP (the area of telepathic awareness around the player is elliptic instead of circular with a radius on the x-axis equals to three times the radius on the y-axis)
- base radius for area of telepathic awareness is set to MAX_SIGHT (20 squares... which will produce an elliptic area roughly equal to one sector of the level)
- base radius for area of telepathic awareness for Thunderlords (racial bonus) is now set to (p_ptr->lev * MAX_SIGHT / PY_MAX_LEVEL), which will be equal to the radius given by ESP items when the character reaches level 50
- inverted TR1_MANA and TR1_XXX1 to group secondary bonuses ("mana capacity", "stealth", "searching", "infravision", "tunneling", "speed", "attack speed", "shooting speed", "shooting power")
- pricing for player owned shops implemented like MAngband, but only for PLAYER_STORE_BM (price x4) and PLAYER_STORE_XBM (price x10) type of shops
- damage dice for weapons capped at 11 instead of 10 (to allow +1 for ego/art scythes of slicing)
- damage dice for missiles capped back at 9 (instead of 10)
- fixed missing rating boost on amulets of the Magi/Trickery/Devotion/Weaponmastery
- amulets of the Magi/Weaponmastery updated to match Angband 3.0.x
- Angband 3.0.x OBJECT_XXX flags implemented
- fixed update_mon(): DM should always have full ESP
- fixed update_player(): players are now detected by telepathy just like monsters
- racial ESP now allows to detect corresponding players: half-orc/ESP orc, half-troll/ESP troll, ent/ESP giant, thunderlord/ESP dragon, yeek/ESP animal
- monsters can now be poisoned
- monsters can now bleed from their wounds
- ego picks of Earthquakes are now limited to +6 to str/digging (instead of... +9!!)
- fixed telekinesis_aux(): it was possible to send an object to a player whose pack was full
- the maximum weight a character can carry is now really capped (to 5 times the current weight limit computed from adj_str_wgt) - this should ensure that no integer overflow occurs when picking up items
- amulets of ESP renamed to amulets of Telepathic Awareness
- amulets of Telepathic Awareness don't provide full ESP anymore, but instead they provide a random ESP ability (one chance to give one of the 9 different ESP abilities + two extra chances of providing ESP evil + one extra chance of providing full ESP)
- weapons (holy avenger) now only provide ESP undead and ESP demon instead of ESP evil
- weapons of Gondolin now only provide ESP troll, ESP dragon and ESP demon instead of ESP evil
- the rarities of ego Crowns and Helms have been reworked to lower the chance of generating Crowns and Helms of Telepathy (1/55 instead of 1/28)
- the rarities of ego weapons have been reworked to lower the chance of generating weapons of *Slay Evil* (1/93 instead of 2/94)
- dwarven lanterns and feanorian lamps use a blue ~ symbol again for display to avoid confusion with artifact light sources
- new ego light torches/lanterns: (Everburning)
- darkness/unlight effects disabled in wilderness during day time
- the radius of artifact light sources has been increased from 3 to 4
- Angband 3.0.x player_type.skills flags implemented
- all obsolete player_type.skill_XXX flags have been removed
- preferred classes updated for all races (no restrictions implemented yet, player_race.choice is simply informative at this stage)
- minor display bug in class_aux_hook() fixed: hit die for rangers is 5 (and not 8)
- unbelievers have been nerfed a bit (stats + abilities) to make warriors the best fighting class and unbelievers the second best fighting class (otherwise nobody would play warriors...)
- TR3_TWO_HANDED was missing as an obvious flag when describing artifacts
- a line in the description has been added when describing a two-handed weapon
- fixed price_item(): it was still possible to sell very cheap items (food, missiles...) for 0 gold

Alignments with MAngband 1.1.0 beta 1:

- No ghost option -> done
- Implement Angband ESP -> done, but slightly differently
- Stone to Mud destroys(?) cash -> fixed
- Reintroduce door jamming -> command changed back from '/' to 'j'
- Restore non drop artifacts -> fixed, but only when ALLOW_ARTIFACT_HOARDING is set to false (the Crown and Grond can still be dropped in houses)
- Artifacts sold to shops should vanish instantly -> done
- New two wide rubble kills stairs -> fixed
- Wands of Clone Monster -> fixed
- Gold drop crashes server -> fixed
- Limit monster inventories -> fixed
- Stacking discounts should be off by default -> fixed
- Server crash on whois -> fixed
- Player Interaction (pkilling) -> in PWMAngband, this was a cfg option... now removed
- Disable monster inventories for townies -> done
- Ask confirmation before selling house -> done
- All levels create dumps -> done
- Core dumps broken -> fixed
- Bump savefile version to 1.1.0 -> further cleanup in load/save routines done
- Client over reaction to unknown packets -> fixed
- Player interaction not disabled -> fixed
- Allow people to see their shops -> done
- A possible empty space for gold is skipped -> fixed
- Reintroduce stealing -> command changed from 'j' to 'J' + fixed stealing (nothing)s
- Detection broken for invisible monsters -> fixed
- Artifact dropping broken -> fixed
- Examine command breaks line in the middle of words -> fixed
- MAngband specific items generate without extra abilities -> nothing to fix in PWMAngband, just added the missing descriptions + implemented describe_stats() and describe_secondary() to match MAngband
- Small bug in Prison vault -> fixed
- Character cloning -> fixed
- Speed exploit -> fixed
- Res Chaos / Res Confusion behavior -> fixed + updated the lib files to reflect the change
- House door colors -> done (allows a couple more colors than MAngband, default to black)
- Player shop titles -> done, with player shop titles matching the regular stores more closely
- Ghost character sheet upon ressurection -> fixed
- Wilderness dellocation problem -> fixed
- Damage and Accuracy rings can be created with too high (or low) of value -> fixed
- Slaying rings can be created with too high (or low) of value -> fixed
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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