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character of the game

Originally Posted by will_asher
>I think combos like dunadain rogue, high elf priest or paladin, or dwarf ranger should be disabled and not just greyed out. Some combos only available in variants should definetly be disabled: shadow fairy knight, ent mage..<

No ent ever should be willing to cast a fire bolt/ball spell (or maybe even use torches).
Originally Posted by Djabanete:
Some people might like these combinations. Why spoil their fun?
..I'm replying to this in a separate topic because it was already off topic in the thread it was in and I'm starting a new topic anyway. Now I'll answer the question. Please excuse the rant. Also, please don't think I'm angry because no one else plays my semi-variant. That is not the case. I made DaJAngband for me, and if other people like it, that's cool too. What I'm saying about DaJAngband in the following rant is only talking about my reason for making it.

Originally Posted by Djabanete:
Some people might like these combinations. Why spoil their fun?
Because it hurts what is already lacking in Vanilla Angband:
story. character. flavor.
These things greatly impact the 'fun factor' for me.

I've tried several variants that add lots of flavor, but vanilla has the best gameplay. I don't want to mess with a lot of wilderness, multiple dungeons or stupid joke monsters. To me, the main part of the game is, and should be, the part that goes on inside the dungeon. I like the idea of having skills, but I don't like the way Sangband does it. Steamband comes closest to inplementing skills the way I like it, but I can't really get in to the type of flavor it has. (Although, because of the way it does skills, it's one of the few variants that I didn't delete from my computer after a few games.) UnAngband has done great things with the story, flavor, and compaign mode and in the process has made the gameplay (and the display) too complicated.

When I talked about making my own semi-variant, DaJAngband, people said I should make some more significant changes to set it apart so people might be more interested in playing it. But I *like* the gameplay and interface of vanilla Angband 3.0.9. Takkaria and past maintainers have done a great job with it. I couldn't think of much changes that I wanted to make with the code. One major thing I'd really like to add is a quiver, but it's already being planned for vanilla anyway.

The simple reason I made DaJAngband was to attempt to add some character to the monster list. (I still got to finish those monster descriptions for when other people play it.. When I know all the monsters very well in my head, I don't need descriptions, that's why I haven't got around to finishing them yet. But of course I need to if I want other people to be able to apreciate my changes.)

I say all this to somewhat dissapointingly say that I don't know how to disable certain class/race combos in DaJAngband, and if I could, I would. (Especially for that race that I mainly only put in there because it's a perfect character fit for the alchemist class.) ..Another thing that kindof puts a damper on sharing my semi-variant with other people is that some of the monsters and a couple of the races are ones I made up. They're in the novels I wrote, but those novels aren't published and might never be published.

take all this with a grain of salt and two grains of cinnamon
aka LibraryAdventurer

My old variant DaJAngband: (defunct and so old it's forked from Angband 3.1.0 -I think- but it's probably playable...)
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