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A little bugfix for Windows users not using Win client...

As I discovered when using SDL and GCU clients on Windows, the "quit" hook is not called when closing the console (resulting in a lot of memory not being freed) because the CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT is not handled.

The code below fixes that problem nicely. Declare a control handler function in the main-xxx file:

static BOOL CtrlHandler(DWORD fdwCtrlType)
    switch (fdwCtrlType)
        case CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT:
            return FALSE;
            return FALSE;
And call it in the init_xxx function:

    /* Activate hooks */
    plog_aux = hook_plog;
    quit_aux = hook_quit;

    /* Register a control handler */
    if (!SetConsoleCtrlHandler((PHANDLER_ROUTINE)CtrlHandler, TRUE))
        quit("Could not set control handler");
Et voila! Closing the Windows Console now calls hook_quit(), which should call cleanup_angband() and free allocated memory properly.
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