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[YAWP] Curse, the Elf Warrior with a "lack of consumables"

At the suggestion of someone in the forum at some point I started keeping a journal. I usually post the most interesting and/or funny entries on my ladder dumps. This one includes a summary of the last fights, FWIW.

After killing Sauron I wondered if I should go on with scant supplies or not. I even thought about posting for advice. I figured if I am even considering it I should do it and see if I can win under 600K. I barely did.

I went in with 2 Healing, 1 *Healing*, and 3 Life which were all used. I had a mass banish and banish which went unused, possibly because I forgot since the fight raged on for so long in real time. I used 6 of 7 !speed, 4 of 5 ?destruct, never found ?rune or _banish.

Maybe a lack of consumables is not that big of a deal? With the Palantir and Sauron's corpse at my feet I'm sure I could have found anything I wanted. I would have banished a lot more, destructed a lot more, used runes, chugged big healers in trouble instead of phasing away, and worried a lot less.

With all this talk of making the game harder, that was plenty hard. And fun. Thanks again to everyone who keeps the Angband going.
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