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Race/Class Stats

I just went moseying through the race class combos on the ladder (vanilla only). I came back with an inventory full of useless information.

The most lop-sided race is the gnome. 76% of all gnomes on the ladder are mages. Followed by 62% of half-trolls are warriors. And 52% of all dwarfs are priests.

But that's all a little misleading, because there are so many high elves (twice as many as any other race) that the high elf mage (and presumably their skeletons) must be the litter of the Angband dungeons. To put it in perspective, there have been more high elf mages (257) posted to the ladder than there have been half-trolls (162), humans (155), or any other single *race* except dwarves (308) and dunadan (267). Second is the high elf ranger (166). And a close third is the dwarf priest (159).

The most balanced race appears to be the kobold. 34 rogues, 20 warriors, 18 rangers, 15 mages, 8 priests, and 5 paladins. Half-elves, dunadan, and humans are all reasonably balanced, too.

The rarest race-class combos? While every combo has been posted, there is only one gnome paladin. And he died to a snaga. Several combos appear only twice: dwarf ranger, hobbit paladin, half-orc priest, and elf paladin. I think the four dwarf rangers deserve special mention, too, since "1 in 77 dwarves is a ranger" is the lowest ratio in the land.

On the other side, the most balanced class by far seems to be the rogue, partly because there are multiple go-to classes. Warriors are also somewhat evenly spread. Conversely, the most imbalanced classes are the priest (nearly 2/3 dwarven) and paladin (36% dunadan Aragorn-wannabes, 32% dwarven, and 13% human, leaving not much for the other races).

Consider that 5 minutes you'll never get back.
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as a statistics junkie myself I found that to actually be quite interesting.

Also, it looks like I'll be playing a gnome paladin after I give up on Comp 76.
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I've got a clvl 50 hobbit priest that will soon have a 2nd stab at Morgoth - will post to ladder soon.

Seriously, hobbits make decent priests. They only get 18/40 WIS to start, and crappy hit dice, but they have the advantage of better stealth and better shooting over dwarves, which really helps early on.

Plus, hobbits are cool.
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Here he is, Javier the hobbit priest
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Wow... those stats are really quite interesting.
Gnome paladin.... heeheeheehee....
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kobold rogue (with randarts) is my current favorite combo, apparently 34% of others agree.

Never thought the first 25 dungeon levels could be so exciting
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8/15 kobold mages are me ROFL. Looks like its time to make a gnome paladin with fizzix!!
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Sounds like we need a Gnome Paladin competition character
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