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Something a bit different

Hi, I'm a looong time lurker in these forums and a lifelong player of Angband, Moria and, before I had growed up, Rogue. (Still haven't won)

My reason for this post is simple,
I want to suggest a concept for a new Angband variant with a slight difference.

I have become very interested in recent months in pervasive, or ubiquitous, computing; particularly in it's gaming applications. It seems clear to me that the technology is catching up with the theory and we are starting to see the emergence of games that are played by walking around with a handheld computer that positions itself using GPS and augments reality with virtual objectives in the real world.

At present these games are crude, (think pacman where one person with a handheld pc is pacman and several other people play the ghosts) but it got me thinking; would it be possible to translate the king of all dungeon crawlers, namely Angband, into an ubiquitous environment? Instead of pressing left you walk left, treasure is randomly and virtually located at various points in the real world, etc. etc.

While this might seem like a ridiculously ambitious idea I think it can be done, and done well. Not only that but it would bring Angband triumphantly into the coming era of augmented reality and pervasive alternate reality gaming; make it, once again, revolutionary as it was at it's inception.

I feel I should point out that the reason I am so positive about the feasability of such a project is that I am a firm believer in the power of what Jane Mcgonigal calls 'collective intelligence'; a product of bringing the entire world together with the internet and an idea that is already shaping science (the x2 project, world without oil) and gaming (I love bees, the Lost ring).

I might be mistaken but to the best of my knowledge we have a talented and creative community of programmers and experienced gamers right here and a world wide web of knowledge to fall back on if we meet any obstacles.

So what say ye all? Do you think this idea is a goer or would it be impossible to translate the magic of angband to a new and alien, albeit exciting, format? Do we have the expertise for such a project or should I go back to lurking and adding to my already impressive back catalog of YASDs.

Please post your opinions on the matter whatever they might be.

(and apologies for the wall of text)
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