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Pref file handling

The sheer number of pref files is rather daunting and I can't help thinking there's probably a lot of stuff I could set in them to make my playing Angband easier if I only knew what I was doing.

[EDIT]I (belatedly) found which includes

3.4 Pref files

Preference files save commands such as macros and keymaps which are
used to customize the game. They are used to implement the "original"
and "roguelike" keysets. They provide default appearances for items.

They also implement the default behaviors which make Angband look and
play the same (for the most part) on different systems.

Pref files can be saved with the name of a player name, class, and
race, and anytime a player with a matching characteristic is loaded,
the appropriate pref file is loaded. This makes some customizations
transparent and automatic.

Pref files let you do some things that could otherwise only reasonably
be done by changing the info files or source, such as changing the
appearance of a given terrain feature, or the symbol used for the

Pref files let you set up and save your favorite game options, and
have them available for new characters without having to redo them.
That sort of stuff should be in help file(s), IMO.

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