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New variant I've found: 変愚蛮怒東方勝手版, Touhou Project themed Hengband variant (Japanese)

I haven't seen this variant mentioned at all in roguelike community; it's my favourite Heng variant and it has tons of new content, so I've decided to make a post to hopefully draw more attention (registered here mainly to post this).

First of all: This variant is in Japanese, and unlike Hengband, there's no official translation. Source code is available on author's page (and considering that Heng already has framework for translation, translating it should be theoretically possible), but its version tends to be a bit behind the latest release. I also didn't see the author leave their contact info, so working together with them might not be an option.

This variant is based on the Japanese indie bullet hell shmup series Touhou Project. The world map now represents Gensoukyou (setting of the said series), several of traditional Heng race/classes/magic schools/monsters/items/quests got replaced by more setting appropriate ones, several of them are still here, and there's also a fair amount of brand new content from the new setting. The main dungeon is still the 100-level Angband, though.

It's a minor flavor detail, but instead of being 'killed' monsters and player now get 'defeated'.

Instead of good/evil, monsters are now divided into 'lawful' and 'chaotic'.

Instead of Oberon at level 99 and Serpent at level 100, now you have to defeat Yukari Yakumo (Touhou Project character) at level 50 and Oberon at level 100; Serpent is now a postgame boss at level 127 in a postgame dungeon.

Player resistances also got changed; nexus is now unresistable, but is strictly an endgame element; equipment can grant water/time resistance; "holy" is a new resistable element

Difficulty levels are present. Easy significantly reduces the difficulty, but the game ends when you defeat Yukari (and you cannot go below level 50); Normal is easier than usual, you become *WINNER* upon defeating Yukari, but you can progress further and defeat Oberon/Serpent; Hard is regular difficulty; Lunatic is nightmare mode.

'Extra' difficulty is a separate gameplay mode similar to ironman - you start at dungeon level 1, you have to go down to level 100 and can't go back. Every 10th level is a copy of a quest level with better rewards than usual. You can find 'spellcard' items in this mode which allow you to use the special abilities of the Touhou Project characters.

Perhaps the most notable feature is the ability to play as one of the characters from the Touhou Project instead of picking race/class; each of them has their own stats modifiers, magic/melee proficiency and unique abilities. Game difficulty in this mode varies a lot - some of characters are super strong, some are a challenge even for expert players. Difficulty generally corresponds to the said character's strength in the setting.

Also, for any Touhou fans that might be here: No, this game doesn't have content from the PC-98 games. There are references to the supplementary manga works, though.

Links: - Author's webpage, has links to game download, source code and score servers - Unofficial wiki (has detailed guides, both for newcomers and more experienced players; in Japanese)
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