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Regarding Devicemasters (Frogcomposband)

I've been taking a look at all the classes so far and devicemasters seem interesting. I keep trying to get past level 20 but I just die before that. Any tips about how I should handle this class?
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Take a mixed approach to fights - some melee (devicemasters are OK at it), some archery (devicemasters aren't hopeless at it), some offensive devices to support. Wands of frost bolt are fairly cheap at the Magic Shop and a decent investment for any character with combat shortcomings; though a devicemaster might be able to get by on melee alone for a while. (Depending on what you're specializing in, devices may or may not become your main source of offense later in the game.)

What kind of situations are you dying in? There may be some mistake in your tactics or preparation that needs fixing. If you're dying to big brute-force melee monsters, use confusion more and be ready to phase door/teleport away from the monster when needed. If you're dying to confusion, carry Potions of Speed and buy mushrooms of cure confusion from the Shroomery. If you die in the wilderness a lot, take more Scrolls of Teleportation with you so you can get out of tricky spots. If you're dying in quests, it helps that you've at least seen the quest and can think up specific strategies to use in that quest the next time; for example, in I Hate Snakes! you'll want to rely more on shooting and devices than melee, and stick to that narrow corridor where you can't be surrounded. (All of the above are very common deaths for inexperienced players.) If you're repeatedly dying in a specific quest or fight, might be a good idea to simply delay it until you're a bit stronger.

If you're just dying all over the place and not to any specific cause: buy more ?PhaseDoor and ?Teleportation, buy more !CureSeriousWounds, get out quickly if things start looking bad.


A quick outline of how I'd approach the early game more specifically: buy some !CSW, ?phasedoor and ?teleportation, a lantern and mushrooms of fast recovery/cure confusion with initial money, maybe ranged things too if my offense feels insufficient. Go to Thieves' Hideout with all my birth money spent, kill everybody, get $$$, XP, loot and reward. Go to Trouble at Home, kill everybody, get $$$, loot and reward. Buy one out of -ConfuseMonster, -FrostBolt or _Identify from the Magic Shop. Kill wargs, get big XP, invest first stat-ups in melee stats (STR/DEX). Kill Mughash with confusion, using !booze if I didn't buy -confusemonster, invest next stat-up in STR/DEX too. Get wargs reward. Buy more !CSW, ?phasedoor, ?teleportation and mushrooms, plus Word of Recall. Either go to the Hideout dungeon and level up a bit before killing Meng Huo with confusion; or go directly to Morivant and do I Hate Snakes! with a scroll of light, archery and an offensive device, and equip the whip from the quest. Go to Anambar, tagging Orc Cave en route. Do Cop Quest. Complete Hideout if I didn't yet. Either do crows/bears in Outpost, do mushroom quest and early Arena in Thalos, or level up a bit in one out of Hideout/Orc Cave/Tidal Cave, depending on what I feel my @ needs. By that point I'll already be very close to CL 20.

Of course everybody does things differently There isn't one right approach.
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Hmm, I'll be trying your advice out. Ty for the quick reply!
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