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Help with warrior


Been playing this warrior in a suicide diving way. But now that I have actually managed to stay alive for a while I feel I am in need of some advice.

I am afraid its just a matter of time until I am breathed to death if I do not clean up and fix some proper armour to cover more resitances. Haven't been playing around at these depths much so its a bit scary.

All advice are welcome.

Best regards
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You're already getting resist acid from Thalkettoth, so both the shield and the amulet are redundant. Check for an amulet of resist lightning in the magic shop when you recall to town, and keep an eye out for a different ego shield. Since you've got telepathy, it's probably worth stocking up on potions of resist heat and cold from the alchemist too - you can always chug those for temporary resistance if you see something nasty coming.

I'd start clearing levels now, treasure-detecting the whole place and killing anything that doesn't pose too big a risk. It shouldn't be hard to find armour and shields of resistance or Elvenkind at your depth. I think amulets of resistance start showing up at dlevel 60 too, so it may be worth working your way a bit deeper. Keep an eye out for any rings: resist poison would be a big help, and STR/CON/DEX or rings of damage would all be better than what you've got now. Plus I think you're in-depth for element rings, which provide a base resistance as well as the elemental brand.

Get off the level very fast if you spot an ancient multi-hued dragon or a unique with a breath weapon, and beware of drolems, since your telepathy won't pick them up. If you find a rod of detection, use that as much as possible to back up the ESP. I'd try to get the base four and poison resist covered as soon as you can; after that, you're probably okay to start diving faster again if you want to.
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Pete Mack
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rBase is worth going out of your way for. 3 sources of Resist Acid, and no RCold, RFire, RElec is going to get you killed. The 3 mid-level unique dragons are very dangerous without RFire & RCold: they are alert and they are fast. ESP will help, but you really should be carrying some source of fire & cold resistance (e.g. resistance potions from the alchemist are enough.)

Check the Weaponsmith's shop for shields--acid damage is not a reason to choose armor of rAcid. Even a filthy rag of rFire[1,-1] would be better.
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Acid is, in fact, the weakest of the basic four elements, since every time it tries to damage some armor, the damage it does to your hitpoints is halved. Yes, your armor gets damaged in the process (unless it's resilient), but that's a small price to pay. It is far more acceptable to run around without any acid resistance than it is to run around without the others. And permanent resistance sources do not stack, so you only need one anyway.
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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Even a filthy rag of rFire[1,-1] would be better.
I think the filthy rags are gone, I didn't see one for quite a while.
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Thanks for the advice. I slowed down some and things have improved.
I will try to sort out the gear now and then go down
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