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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Also worth noting - only when your bloodlust meter is at or nearly at its maximum.
I changed this... used to be unlimited death avoidance as long as you could keep BL at 48, 49 or 50 (very difficult, but cool!). Now it's the formula I gave above. Unless you changed it back, of course!
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Raising this thread from the dead...

I dusted off a 4.2.1 Human Blackguard I started a couple of years back which itself followed a 10+ year break. I have barely been using any spells outside of Seek Battle (and early on, Berserk Strength), so I appreciate the notes here. I just reached CL33 and got Werewolf form and need to figure out how to actually play a Blackguard and not my typical generic melee style.

The question(s) - How important is Deadly Powers, and how difficult does it tend to be to find? I ran across a 90,000 copy in the Black Market and have enough to buy it. As I rarely use spells it risks being an expensive doorstop, but figured I should check to see opinions from people with Blackguard experience.

I'm a grinder in Angband and enjoy clearing levels and going slow. I imagine I'm way overequipped for just reaching 1500' and farming stat potions.

Is there a high likelihood of running into a copy of Deadly Powers as I move on, or is it something that I should jump on while I have a chance, even at Black Market pricing?
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Just buy it ? Its not like lack of funds is going to cause you trouble at 1500'.
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If there is something, that'll help you immediately, you should always buy it. That said, I must admit I don't remember if 4.2.1 blackguard DeadlyPowers book was all that good. Bloodlust sure as hell boosts your damage, if you're ready take a risk.

Anyways, not buying an instant-upgrade item, and saving gold just because something more important might show up in shops later, is a play style for suckers
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This is the crux of my problem, I haven't been using much in the way of spells so I have no feel for how immediately useful Bloodlust is (or even what it does, but that's a separate issue). It appears Bloodlust is the only spell in there a CL33 can cast at this point.

I suppose I might as well just grab it and if I need to grind for more gold, I don't mind doing it (it would help if the 10,000 Weapon Shopkeeper would go out of business so I can get full value for some weapons in my house to clear space). It's been so long since I've meaningfully played Angband, I don't even know what at ~1500' to be afraid of...
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Pete Mack
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It also has partial restoration, which is a must once you hit the Nine, around DL 65. And bloodlust is a lot of fun against all but the most dangerous monsters. But it is worse than useless until you get at least 4 blows. Forceful blow and earthquake are of very limited use.
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