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Runemaster TomeNET

Hi, i know, i know. TomeNET has it's own forums and all. I just really wanted to talk about this really cool class.

So from the guide " Runemasters use arcane symbols or 'runes' to summon pure elemental magic." So there are no spellbooks involved, and you have access to a huge variety of spells based on your skill level in certain elements.

The spells that are available change dependent on certain combinations giving the whole system a degree of depth that is really, really fun to play with.

Here's a few of the charts from the guide for example.

Combination Elements
Rune | Rune | Element | Sign Spell | Enhanced Effect
Light | Darkness | Confusion | Monster Confusion | Identify
Light | Nexus | Inertia | Anchor (*) | Reverse Tele-To
Light | Nether | Lightning | Resist Electricity | Lightning Brand
Light | Chaos | Fire | Resist Fire | Fire Brand
Light | Mana | Water | Neutralize Poison | Regeneration
Darkness | Nexus | Gravity | Area Teleport-To | Reverse Tele-To
Darkness | Nether | Frost | Resist Cold | Frost Brand
Darkness | Chaos | Acid | Resist Acid | Acid Brand
Darkness | Mana | Poison | Resist Poison | Poison Brand
Nexus | Nether | Time | Haste | Recharging
Nexus | Chaos | Sound | Disarm | Disarming
Nexus | Mana | Shards | Earthquake | Dig
Nether | Chaos | Disenchantment | Unmagic | Cancellation
Nether | Mana | Force | Mystic Shield (**) | Reflection
Chaos | Mana | Plasma | Base Resistance | Elemental Brand

So if i want to cast a force based damaging spell i would choose Nether and Mana, pretty simple, but now you get to further modify the spell and customize it with spell modifiers.

A table of every spell modifier. Modifiers alter the nature of a spell,
influencing level, cost, fail rate, damage, casting time, radius, and duration.
Name | Lvl | Description
Minimized | + 0 | Less damage, radius, duration, cost and failure rate.
Lengthened | + 2 | More duration, cost and failure rate. Less damage.
Compressed | + 3 | Less radius, duration and failure rate. More damage.
Moderate | + 5 | Comparable to traditional spells in all aspects.
Expanded | + 7 | More radius, duration, cost and failure rate. Project buffs.
Brief | + 8 | Less damage, duration, failure rate and half casting time.
Maximized | +10 | More damage, radius, duration, cost and failure rate.
Enhanced | +10 | Comparable to moderate, more cost. Alters the spell type.

And for even more fun choose the spell type...

A table of every spell type. Type controls the form of the runespell, also
influencing level, cost, fail rate, damage, casting time, radius, and duration.
Name | Lvl | Description | Enhanced
Bolt | 1 | Hits a target in line of effect. | Non-reflecting.
Beam | 5 | Hits every target in line of effect. | Damage over time.
Cloud | 10 | Damages an area over time. | Follows the caster.
Ball | 15 | Instantly damages an area. | Full area damage.
Sign | 20 | Instant or temporary element effects. | See element tables.
Glyph | 25 | Set or retrieve a rune as a glyph. | No rune/explosion.
Sigil | 30 | Resist enhancement. Consumes a rune. | See boni table.
Wave | 35 | Radiates outward from the caster. | Hits line of sight.

So in my first example Nether-Mana for a force based damaging spell, now choose the modifier i'll choose expanded for extra radius and finally the spell type, in this case is ball, so i just made a ball of force spell that has a larger than normal radius. With other spell types the modifier would have a different outcome such as, duration or projecting the spell onto other players.

Using the same nether-mana base i could also make a cloud (damage over time) beam, bolt or wave (huge aoe based on caster)

You have even more choices with the Sign and Enhanced effects. For example Dark-light-enhanced=identify. Or nexus-chaos-sign=disarm

Enhanced spells are really cool when using certain spells , for example instead of the expanded Force ball i made earlier i could choose nether,mana Enhanced, Ball this creates a ball of force that hits all creatures in its blast for full damage (ball spells normally deal full damage to initial target and decreasing damage to secondary ones).

While this looks complicated it's actually really easy to pick up with the macro system set up. i'm not logged in right now so this isn't exact but..

Combination Elements

Spell Modifier

Spell Type

Setting up a macro casting macro - dfab would cast a force (nether,mana) minimized beam spell. in game its a little different \e)m@12\rdfab\r but that's really it.

If all that was not enough Runemasters also have the ability to use runes to set trap like Glyph's, these are the same in most regards to the "Glyph of Warding" spell most people are familiar with.

These require the use of a rune for each casting, but you can recover it after it explodes or, simply cast the spell again to get it back, when a monster breaks it they take damage dependent on the rune you used. So you can set up a death trap of Gravity runes and play a little monster pinball

Runes can, because they are physical items be cast and set down on terrain that glyph spells don't work on such as in mountains or on water.

Well pretty long winded i know, but iv'e wanted to talk about this class ever since i tried it out and hopefully someone found this interesting as well. This is the most entertaining spellcasting class i have come across.

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