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LocalMUD. It's a working title for my dream game.

My dream game is a text adventure. One that plays similar to those MUD games where the hero has D&D style stats and there are thousands of rooms and what not. If you take a look at some of those old MUDs that have been online for years, they are pretty impressive after a couple decades of development. That's what I want. A text adventure with lots to do in it and some randomly generated elements. It just doesn't need to be online.

There are several platforms for text adventures but nothing gave me what I needed.

I have some programming experience but not enough for a project like this and I'm pushing 40 so I feel the need to get moving. I contracted a developer today to make the engine. Pretty psyched.

Also, totally ripping off Angband's development model. 100% free with available source code.

Everything is being written in Python so we'll see how it goes. The engine should be built in 4 weeks.
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