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MITZE August 18, 2020 05:36

Artifact Activations
Some standarts don't appear with the activations that they should; they have activations according to 'artifact.txt' but they don't generate with them in-game.

Listing all the arts I've found that are missing an activation below:

'Taratol' (missing 'Haste Self', listed as SPEED2 in the edit file)
of Earendil (missing 'Curing' or 'Cure Wounds' or something, I forget what the actual in-game name is, it's listed as CURING in the edit file)
'Colannon' (missing 'Teleport', listed as TELEPORT100 in the edit file)
of Caspanion (missing 'Door Destruction', listed as DOOR_DESTRUCT in the edit file)
'Belegennon' (missing 'Phase Door', listed as PHASE_DOOR in the edit file)
of Celeborn (missing 'Banishment', listed as GENOCIDE in the edit file)
of Himring (missing 'Protection from Evil', listed as PROT_FROM_EVIL in the edit file)

wobbly August 18, 2020 17:16

When I change levels with telepathy a bunch of enemies flash up in my monster list, just for an instance. You probably wouldn't see it without a pause from lag. They are different to the list I can see from the starting position of the level.

Nick August 19, 2020 13:11


Originally Posted by jevansau (Post 147754)
I've got an armor of Elvenkind that makes the game hang if I try and purchase it. Is this a known issue?
If not, do you want the save file and randart file?

I just go to purchase the armor from the armor shop.

I think this is actually a known and now fixed issue where resistances to unresistable elements were generated.

Nick August 19, 2020 22:10


Originally Posted by Saru (Post 147757)
Sorry if this isn't the proper place to ask; is there any plan to rework the spell lists in the future for FA to be more akin to the original? And are you planning on retaining the 5 book system or going back to the classic 9 books?

Having a lot of fun playing FA 1.4.4 while I wait for this to get to a slightly more playable state. Thanks in advance!

Probably not. I'm certainly planning to keep the smaller numbers of books, it's possible the spell lists will be reworked a bit. Did you have anything particular in mind?

Saru August 20, 2020 02:40


Originally Posted by Nick (Post 147909)
Probably not. I'm certainly planning to keep the smaller numbers of books, it's possible the spell lists will be reworked a bit. Did you have anything particular in mind?

The clear mind spell was a favourite of mine, as well as 'resist magic' IIRC. Having an early spell to protect from the many blindness spamming nrulings in the early game of old FA was huge.

Runes of speed / mana were cool as well, but I don't expect those would fit as well into a shorter spell list since they're more specialized. I play almost exclusively mages though, so I don't have the widest or most balanced viewpoint for the other classes lists.

Sideways August 21, 2020 00:36

My character is re-finding artifacts he already found before, I think it might be caused by the Ungoliant thing but I'll mention it here just in case it's not.

Cuboideb August 22, 2020 13:52

A couple of compiler warnings

@@ -658,7 +658,7 @@ static void update_one(struct chunk *c, struct loc grid, int blind)
                        sqinfo_off(square(c, grid)->info, SQUARE_FEEL);
                        /* Don't display feeling if it will display for the new level */
-                        if (((c->feeling_squares && 0xff) == z_info->feeling_need) &&
+                        if (((c->feeling_squares & 0xff) == z_info->feeling_need) &&
                                !player->upkeep->only_partial) {
                                player->upkeep->redraw |= PR_FEELING;


@@ -1046,7 +1046,7 @@ void do_cmd_disarm(struct command *cmd)
 void do_cmd_set_trap(struct loc grid)
-        int max_traps =        1 + (player->lev >= 25) ? 1 : 0;
+        int max_traps =        1 + ((player->lev >= 25) ? 1 : 0);
        /* Specialty ability Extra Trap */
        if (player_has(player, PF_EXTRA_TRAP)) max_traps++;

jevansau August 24, 2020 01:45

Pull from 23/8 9am AEST.
Deep descent from L28 of Amon Rudh causes a crash. Standard wilderness.
Attempting to get to Talath Dirnen 29 is consistently crashing with:
Assertion failed!
Program C:\...faangband.exe
File: cave-square.c
Line: 1400
Expression: square_in_bounds(c,grid)
Looks like some issue with RIVER.

Sideways August 24, 2020 17:15

Combo review: Adan Necromancer.

This is by far the most difficult combo I have tried in FAA yet, especially in the early game. Early necromancer combines mage's squishiness with a lack of good offense or utility, which makes survival very challenging; and while Adan is an extremely strong race, it probably also contributed to the challenge through the DL20 start. The early-game balance on necromancer is very different compared to every other class (even mage), it feels extremely underpowered by comparison; though it might well be the case in actuality that necromancer is balanced while every other class is overpowered.

In the midgame (from CL 20-25 to stat gain) necromancer remains weak in terms of offense, but is not in much immediate danger as long as the player stays alert and doesn't allow gazing eyes to hide under the mouse cursor. This seems to encourage tedious, grindy play - certainly that was my reaction, though a less wimpy player might react differently. The big problem is that the spell fail rates are really really high, even in darkness; it's only with stat gain and higher CL/INT that the offensive spells really start pulling their weight.

Stat gain, and the strong book 4, seem to be the things that eventually pull necromancers out of suckitude and make them fairly strong in the late game. Late game necromancer is basically a weaker druid (which is still enough to be strong!). In theory necromancer resembles a weaker druid throughout; but the similarity becomes more noticeable later on (especially in terms of the spell set), since many of the druid-like spells aren't really viable prior to stat gain.

Dark Spear is the most drastic example of the necromancer/druid comparison. It is extremely similar to druids' Earth Rising - a fairly strong beam of an element almost no one resists - but Earth Rising is CL 14/SP 5/difficulty 40, while Dark Spear is CL 25/SP 10/difficulty 60. Dark Spear does somewhat more damage than Earth Rising per successful cast, but somewhat less damage per SP. Due to the high fail rate and relatively high cost, I only really started using Dark Spear well after CL 30 - at which point a druid has already been enjoying Earth Rising as a staple offensive spell for almost 20 CLs. And Dark Spear is still good enough (and ultimately cheap enough) to eventually become a staple offensive spell for necromancers too!

I think if the fail rates for necromancer spells were lowered across the board, it would reduce the grindiness and tedium and make the class more fun to play without affecting the difficulty much.


One caveat: necromancers do have one early offensive spell with a decently low fail rate and a good SP-to-damage ratio, namely Miasma. I only got very limited usage out of it on this particular @, since lack of rChaos meant I could only use it in emergencies; by the time I did get rChaos it was polymorphing things into death molds. But if a necromancer lucked into rChaos very early, it could really help them kill things.


It occasionally felt a bit strange that Dark Spear and Storm of Darkness work so well against creatures of darkness; even Morgoth, Lord of Darkness, doesn't resist dark.

MITZE August 24, 2020 20:03

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Attachment 1897

Not sure if you still want stuff like this to still be possible; if not, well, it can still happen, though it's not quite as ridiculous as the +4 blows amulet.

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