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Nick August 8, 2020 21:02


Originally Posted by MITZE (Post 147694)
I think that whatever fix you implemented to make randarts not have their description consist of just their object power score made standarts not have their flavor text; looking at standarts I have they definitely have descriptions in the art edit files but not in-game.

This would be entirely possible, except for the fact that I haven't attempted any such fix :)

MITZE August 8, 2020 23:02

Report Batch #20

Originally Posted by Nick (Post 147695)
This would be entirely possible, except for the fact that I haven't attempted any such fix :)

Well regardless, something caused randarts to not display their power anymore; if it's unrelated as I said standarts don't display their unique description text anymore either.

Rings of Combat: As far as I've seen any ring of combat that approaches being something good has aggravation on it. Not that aggravation shouldn't generate on them at all, but I feel that it's practically guaranteed starting at far too low a object power level.

Stealth and Aggravation: I know that Dark-Elves can make good use of such objects, but I just had a ring (it was combat) generate with both a bonus to stealth and aggravation. This seem weird?

wobbly August 9, 2020 15:09

You set off the ancient mechanism! A section of the ceiling falls in behind you!

It would appear Chicken Little was right.

wobbly August 10, 2020 10:30


Originally Posted by Sideways (Post 147608)
(I also feel that FA, with its large and sprawling map, likely shouldn't be balanced around skipping almost all of that map en route to a CL 38 win like V is

I agree with this & Holy Rage has also made comments that something is out here. Angband 2.9.3 had a much slower power curve, even without O being a harder variant. Modern V is very fast to power up.

I don't think you need to power down all the way to old fashion angband (which can be painful at times), but I don't think the power curve is right at the moment, if you want players to actually spend time in the wilderness, instead of it just being there.

Sideways August 10, 2020 16:04

My latest @ seems to have inherited the (largely worthless) home inventory of a previous @ of the same build who died young. Might be something quickstart-related.

wobbly August 10, 2020 17:51

The web vaults in Nan Dungortheb seem to have a fair few scorpions in them.

wobbly August 10, 2020 20:44


name:of Thievery
alloc:5:40 to 127
item:gloves:Set of Leather Gloves
item:gloves:Set of Alchemist's Gloves
values:DEX[1+M4] | SEARCH[1+d2M3] | MOVES[-1+d2]
desc:After slipping on these gloves an adventurer will feel agile enough to
desc: slip through dangers and pick the very pockets of death.

Are these actually correct? A minimum of -3 on -1+d2. I've got gloves that look like these except without a move speed bonus or a description. Just a set of leather gloves.

MITZE August 11, 2020 02:41

Lighting Issue
1 Attachment(s)
I appear to have a shimmering vortex that's projecting its light through the wall, to the east of my @.

Attachment 1891

MITZE August 11, 2020 18:46

Dragon's Breath Wands
Something in the latest bunch of commits appears to have undone the device skill boost (or at least the game displaying such) for said wands. Only Dragon's Breath though--Dragon's Flame/Frost appear to still have device skill boostage in their [I]nspection info.

backwardsEric August 11, 2020 23:20

Can ents ever learn the feather falling rune? While testing the character sheet, I used wizard mode to equip and ent with boots of slow descent and to set up a pit trap. Upon falling into the pit, the ent didn't learn the rune, which may be the appropriate thing to happen.

A dark elf with boots of kicking did learn the aggravation rune (despite the SHADOW ability). Though that one's going through the "learn after wearing something for a little bit" mechanism rather than the one feather falling uses.

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