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DavidMedley May 15, 2020 17:04

I wrote a script for this that was supposed to be flexible across multiple versions/variants to populate But that stalled at the point of automated creation of wiki pages. I should post this script tho. It works for sure on vanilla 4.2.0 and 2.9.3 and with not too much effort it could work on many others. Mainly you need to paste the header on monster.txt and fudge it just a bit to get a new version to work.

Stalled largely because I got busy with BG and Gwarl got a job and then I got a job. So resources got scarce!

Nick May 15, 2020 23:01


Originally Posted by fph (Post 145513)
I spy with my little eye a SQL query there. Is there a way to generate an SQL-queryable database of monsters automatically? If there is one, that would seem useful information to me!

If you're interested in that sort of thing, there's Thraalbee's monster plotter. Also there is a fairly sophisticated setup using sql to get stats on the game.

Bill Peterson May 20, 2020 21:16

I'm playing a Blackguard in the 320 nightly, haven't been any lower than 300' and I've found 8-10 lanterns. Also finding, IMO, too many weapons, especially heavy ones. The weapons I can understand as part of the WIP Blackguard changes, but lanterns?

DavidMedley May 20, 2020 21:53

I don't think BG drops are any different from any other class's.

Nick May 20, 2020 21:57


Originally Posted by DavidMedley (Post 145668)
I don't think BG drops are any different from any other class's.

Correct, it's just the RNG messing with you.

DavidMedley May 21, 2020 16:01

Into DL and CL 20+ with new detect spell. As expected, spotting invisible spirits very helpful, not knowing where Qs are very troublesome (but not unfun). I kept getting the message "you hear monsters appear nearby" or something like that and had to hunt down the Q summoning them.

DavidMedley June 1, 2020 14:56

4.2.1 Sprint
OK, going to take one more quick pass at the Blackguard before 4.2.1. Below is what's on the docket. These are all quick fixes, but I'm not sure if I'll get to them all, or what else I'll tweak along the way. I'll monitor this thread closely for any suggestions in the next 14 hours.

- Make Venom cost less, fail less
- Small increase in Taunt duration
- Any flavor text I can improve
- - Better wording for Seek Battle / Detect Fear (emotion, feeling, rage, anger)
- - Reword "S" text
- - Anything else I see along the way
- Remove minimum mana decrease (will make SP last longer at lower levels especially)
- Remove any extraneous comments I've left in the code (I think Nick did this for me when he merged)
- Leap into battle takes direction for adjacent monster (arrow)
- Whirlwind needs no target
- Leap into battle should go through open/broken doors

Cuboideb June 1, 2020 15:43

Leap into battle should go through closed doors :p

DavidMedley June 1, 2020 15:49


Originally Posted by Cuboideb (Post 145958)
Leap into battle should go through closed doors :p

But not walls?

Cuboideb June 1, 2020 16:04

Only if your character is a half-troll... Nah, I was joking before!

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