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MITZE April 26, 2021 22:48

Crash: Travelling from Underground to Wilderness
Just posting about it here too for posterity (I already created the issue), but Zabutor has run into another (different?) crash; they fell into the underground via trap door and trying to use the upstairs to go back to the wilderness results in a game crash.

Nick April 28, 2021 09:30


Originally Posted by MITZE (Post 152628)
It's happened to me now too; even worse, mine is preventing me from continuing the game, game crashes on save load now.
Consequently, there's a save available if you want it, you'll just have to wait for someone with server access to show up to retrieve it for you.

I have found the bug - it turns out themed levels weren't getting surrounded by permanent rock, so you could stone-to-mud through the edge of the level (into the void, presumably). So when Gwarl restores your savefile, don't stone-to-mud through the edge of the level. I've put a permanent rock block where you did it the first time :)

Arralen April 28, 2021 18:42

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Strange down stairs with "Shockbolt Dark" tiles (when loading other tile sets everything looks fine) - this is Belegost, btw. :

Nick April 28, 2021 21:38


Originally Posted by Arralen (Post 152881)
Strange down stairs with "Shockbolt Dark" tiles (when loading other tile sets everything looks fine) - this is Belegost, btw. :

Yes tiles are definitely Not Done Yet.

Arralen May 1, 2021 08:53

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What's the 2nd book a blackguard is supposed to learn from, and where can I find it?
From CLASS.TXT I guess I should be seeing "Fear and Torment" in the book store, but I only get to buy the Necromancer book "Dark Rituals" which does not give me any spells!?!

... finally figured this out: The blackguard 2nd book is 4x as expensive as the necromancer book ...

(Yes, died so often I just got to the 2nd book ... :rolleyes: )

Shouldn't I be able to find the randart rapiers that actually dropped in the randart_xxx.txt file?

I had no trouble hitting forest trolls with my rapier (+22,+11), but absolutely could not do so with the crossbow (+12,+10) ... as a lvl 18 blackguard. Slightly frustrating ... I mean, it's f**** trolls lined up in corridor not much wider than them :rolleyes:
Yeah, I know, he's going to complain to me ... ;)

Generally the (+xx) modifiers on early armour seem much higher than in FA 1 ... is this intended, coming from the changes in Angband?
Finding a Wicker Shield of Resistance [2, +16] on level 7 seems ... lucky. But the hard leather armour is [+14] as well ...
(though it was dropped by Ulfang on level 10)

How is identify supposed to work (out) now? I'm lvl 18, and I have a growing pile of items where I "do not know the full extend of this item's powers" .. yet no ID scroll in sight. I am just unlucky concerning the scrolls, or must I to hope to get lucky and hit/get hit by the right things to figure out the item's powers?

"l"ook command and using "+"/"-" or arrow keys seems to target hidden doors (says "You see a granite wall", though) ...
In this case, it didn't happen instantly when I entered the level, but when a wolf broke through the door ... suddenly I was able to "l"ook at the other hidden door ...
pic, savegame attached.


Sacksquatch May 5, 2021 23:05

Hi again Nick. If you've already seen these, ignore.

Using '#' to check time has ceased working somewhat recently.
Also Mitze and I were noticing that a high % of combat rings have either aggro or siren. Not sure if intentional.

Playing the nightly on .live.

Pete Mack May 6, 2021 02:18

Blackguard has intentionally terrible archery (though I think he should get a significant to-hit bonus with a light crossbow, and maybe thrown daggers. Those are a suitably dastardly weapons.)

Arralen May 6, 2021 22:56

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Marked some potential bugs in my posting above.

Here's another one:

Wielding a cold branded randart rapier.
Shooting a ghoul with the crossbow of accuracy with non-branded arrow results in "is frozen on the spot" and a "held" status on the ghoul.

Nick May 7, 2021 02:18

Thanks, I am taking notice of this thread, and will say something with actual substance, some time :)

Pete Mack May 7, 2021 12:45

"The Ghoul is frozen to the spot!" is not a bug. That happens frequently when any monster is knocked down by a significant amount to 1 or 2 stars.

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