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Nick July 18, 2020 03:16

FAangband 2.0beta
There is now a (mostly) playable beta version of the new FAangband available here, as source and built for Windows and macOS.

This is an early stage in recreating FAangband built on Angband 4.2. It has most of the core features of FA, but some are still missing; also there are a decent number of bugs and balance issues that need attention. But it's more or less playable, and I figure having people complaining will help me fix it. In particular, there is a known (and annoying) bug where mountain levels are disconnected (workaround - leave the level and try again :)).

I am aiming to release a series of betas, aiming toward a 2.0.0 release. I am also hoping that this process will identify code and gameplay improvements that can be fed back to V.

Please play, enjoy and complain :)

MITZE July 18, 2020 03:35

Report Batch #1
Beornings: I haven't noted the full list of what's disallowed for bearform (I'm guessing it applies to shapechange in general), but entering your own home probably shouldn't be on it. It's cute with the actual shops, but who else is in your home that's slamming your own home's door in your face?

Flavor Text: Flavor text is missing from a number of things; I've specifically noticed torches, lanterns, and the general flavor text for categories of objects.

Level Teleportation Effects: Deep Descent crashes the game if read in the wilderness, haven't tested in the dungeon yet. Dangerous/annoying if you've been use-IDing scrolls.

Illegal Spawning: I've noticed monsters and objects spawn in the permarock surrounding the wilderness levels.

Magestaff Activation: Magestaves restore SP for non-mage non-necromancers, despite their flavor text saying otherwise.

The Day/Night Cycle: Nightfall wipes out the terrain knowledge for the current level if you're outside when it happens; there's no convenient [R]est option for waiting until sunrise/sunset.

MITZE July 18, 2020 04:30

Report Batch #2
Rune Knowledge: There is an odd issue with rune knowledge; characters seem to forget and remember all known runes at random. It ranges from just not recognizing that you know all the runes of a piece of equipment (i.e. marking it with {??} even when you know everything) to temporarily forgetting runes that you do know (i.e. not knowing what's on a piece of equipment when you inspect it, even if you should know). EDIT: The bug with forgetting seems like it's caused by something in town, either buying or selling. It seems to fix itself by saving and reloading the game.

Monster Knowledge: There appears to be some sort of (possibly only) display bug with the monster knowledge display under ~; there are things I've definitely killed with my current character that the game tells me I've killed none of. Perhaps related to the rune knowledge bug somehow?

Throwables: Stuff suitable for throwing (daggers, sling ammo, ect.) is marked up quite a bit, both making it a bad idea to buy from the store and an excellent source of income when you sell it.

Sideways July 18, 2020 10:29

Racial resistances seem to be off somehow, Grey-Elves start with 79% light resistance (even though the files seemingly specify 40%), and Ents start with -119% fire resistance (the file says -30%).

MITZE July 18, 2020 11:54

Report Batch #3
Shapechange: After changing auto-inscriptions via the object knowledge menu the game does not automatically inscribe applicable objects in your inventory—noticed as a beorning in bearform.

Shapechange: As a beorning, turning into bearform while wearing equipment that has unknown rules reveals said runes simply by doing so; might apply to shapechange as a whole.

moosferatu July 18, 2020 12:16

Thanks for doing this, Nick! Looking forward to trying it!

wobbly July 18, 2020 15:20


Originally Posted by MITZE (Post 147211)
Shapechange: After changing auto-inscriptions via the object knowledge menu the game does not automatically inscribe applicable objects in your inventory noticed as a beorning in bearform.

You can't manual inscribe either while shapechanged, at least in V. I assume it applies to both.

MITZE July 18, 2020 22:58

Report Batch #4
Rune Knowledge: I have a Cloak of Protection that is both too good and bugged; 27% rAcid, 80% rFire, and 20% rCold, and it has an additional rune that refuses to identify, even with scrolls of identify rune (unrelated to my troubles with spontaneously forgetting rune knowledge; I made sure that that issue wasn't in effect for the character before trying).

Visuals: Random @ glyphs occasionally spawn; I've only noticed it on wilderness levels that lead to a dungeon I think.

Sling Ammo: I don't know if it's just rogues--I've been told that they're throwing specialists now--but throwing sling ammo is far more damaging than slinging it for me, nearly x2 damage doing a quick check with my current state.

Artifact Names: Directly named artifacts don't have their name put in single quotation marks as I'm used to seeing, e.g. The Robe 'Insert Name'.

Knowledge Menu: A bunch of the knowledge menus crash the game, including the ones that show store inventories and the equippable comparison.

Knowledge Menu: Trying to view the home inventory via it leaves the game claiming you have an empty home.

Quivers: One can't quiver throwable but otherwise normal weapons; this makes throwing daggers, spears, ect. far less useful because they take up more inventory for less utility.

Egos: Various egos which should have maluses innately attached to them to not.

dhouseholder July 19, 2020 06:53

1 Attachment(s)
Hi Nick,

Loving the game so far, great work.

I'm getting a repeatable crash when trying to enter Talath Dirnen.

My savefile is attached, just try to go down the stairs next to @

The error is:

You enter a winding firstageangband:cave-square.c:1400: square_set_feat: Assertion `square_in_bounds(c, grid)` failed.

And then the segmentation fault/core dumped message.

Nick July 19, 2020 07:39


Originally Posted by dhouseholder (Post 147233)
I'm getting a repeatable crash when trying to enter Talath Dirnen.

My savefile is attached

Sorry, I'm going to need your randart file too, and I'm not sure how easy it is to get that from live.

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