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Bucephalus July 11, 2023 00:53

Fantastic Frenzy does weird things with the left hand slot. It seems to take the incremental energy of any combat round lasting less than a turn (e.g. a deathblow), and add this energy to a full turn. Every left-handed deathblow with Fantastic Frenzy takes between 120 and 200 energy. This even applies to large weapons two-handed in the left hand slot, but not the right hand slot.

MITZE July 11, 2023 21:27

Bug: Rage-Mage, Smash, and Snow/Ice Walls
Rage-Mage's Smash doesn't appear to do anything for snow/ice walls; I'm guessing because they're new-ish and you missed/forgot altering its functionality for them.

(Also seeing people talk about Stone to Mud not working either, but I'm guessing that one's on purpose, like Fire being how you alter that kind of terrain.)

MITZE July 13, 2023 06:11

Bug: Minor comp_mode Help Quibble
As per FUTURE_TOPSCORE_BERSERKER on the webserver, comp_mode affects score, though there is no * indicating so on the option and nothing in the help indicating so either.

Bucephalus July 19, 2023 03:50

Also, the monster race "mimic" can use the Spectral DSM in all its intended glory, but... only... while it's not mimicking something.

DavidB1111 July 24, 2023 08:32

Hey guys, first post in a long time. I've been playing a Lazy Mace Weaponmaster, and I've been wondering when or how to trigger the Lazy Quest, or whatever, to the get the Lazy super weapon.

I don't know what causes it.
Anyone know the requirements?
I'm level 45.
Do I have to hit level 50?

Do I need a high amount of Fame?
Because I can clear a few more dungeons and do a few more quests easily.

I really want to play with a Lazy weapon. Since that's the only way to get them, without DEbug mode obviously. :P

Okay, so, I decided to start up a few new characters, I Rotate between several, and the first was a dagger dual wield Weaponmaster, which uh, is really powerful, and I swear Shadow Strike makes you incapable of being hit by the enemy.

The second one is a Polearm Weapon master, and I used a Scroll of *Aquirement* on Camelot 1300 Ft, and it dropped a Trifurcate Spear with Armaggedon brand, and the dice are 7d11.
That is the highest roll I have ever seen for Armaggedon brand.
Has anyone seen that?
And yes, I gave myself the scroll, but sometimes you want to relax and beat up on enemies in an Angband varient. No harm in beating up Orcs. Or occasionally Karlis The Powerslave, because he's a jerk. :P

Am I lucky beyond what the Lucky personality gives? OR what?

Evilpotatoe October 1, 2023 17:25

I there a way to switch back the player characteristics to the left instead on the right ?
Or alternatively, have player infos available for window flag
I read, but why couldn't messages just be put right to the character status ?
This might need some concatenation, but doesn't seem impossible to me.

And even if that's really incompatible, I'd probably prefer disabling those multiple messages and just keep one line, like in previous variants, so my char can remain on the left
I read messages in a window flag anyway.

Do really no solution exist for that :( ?

Bucephalus November 6, 2023 00:53

Might be a nitpick, but using an unknown device on a monster immune to its effect will identify what that effect is in monster memory, but not necessarily identify the device itself, which does not make sense.

Bucephalus November 18, 2023 06:22

Furthermore, mystics who have pets, and rest, will unsuccessfully attempt to "Concentrate" every turn they are resting, which they can't do because they have pets, until many thousands of turns pass and they get hungry.

Bucephalus November 27, 2023 02:21

Pets use different pathing when approaching a target and returning from one. It's curious because their return pathing is infallible, whereas the approach can be... somewhat tricky, and there's really no good reason the same math isn't applied symmetrically. How bad pet approach AI is suggests that symmetry was attempted but something went wrong.

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