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Pete Mack September 17, 2021 05:02

Shouldnt Metatron have a bright (blinding) light aura?

wobbly September 17, 2021 11:13


Originally Posted by GrimaTheBold (Post 155373)
I'm trying one now - I liked the idea of Nature because it gives you both utility spells and offensive spells (and of course the High-Mage only gets one realm).

But looking at the spell set, I don't see how I can take down rBase monsters, such as Icky Queen or Gelatinous Cubes. Is this a build that needs to rely on melee - pick a hardier race, try to find a good weapon, maybe put some stat gains in STR instead of just INT?

Or is this just a bad idea? Would a Chaos High-Mage be a better combo (more lacking in utility, but better offense)?

Grav storm, ice bolt isn't till book 4 and while nice they aren't the greatest damage as far as late game nukes. Nature high-mage is still fine it just means you are dependant on melee/shooter/device. I'd aim for shooter early, device later and be on the lookout for sorceror's stone which activates for recharging.

Kodiologist September 18, 2021 03:34

Any hints on instant-coffee mode? I tend to hit a wall at Angband 29, around XL 28, because the level guardian is too hard for me at that point (e.g., Implorington III, in my last game), DL 25 quests are too hard for me, and the experience and loot provided by the arena is too small to make a difference. It looks like recalling out of an Angband quest means you never get another shot at that level, so you'll only fall further behind the power curve. I've been playing green dragons with the lore domain.

Sideways September 18, 2021 12:52

The level 25 quests, and especially the mimic quest, should be very doable by that point. Completing them ought to help a bit.

That said, instant-coffee is by far the least forgiving mode when it comes to bad luck with monsters or items. (It is, of course, also the fastest to try again in.)

HugoVirtuoso September 24, 2021 12:32

Apparently bashing doors and enemies fighting back worsen stealth in Sil-Q/Sil. Is this mechanic also in FCPB? If not, will this be part of FCPB?

How about making FCPB stealth worsened by equip weight alone?

Bucephalus September 25, 2021 00:47


Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 (Post 155497)
Apparently bashing doors and enemies fighting back worsen stealth in Sil-Q/Sil.

Stealth in Sil is really masterfully realized. Read the manual sometime if you haven't (a work of art itself!). Arguably it's equally refined in Dungeon Crawl.

I play Sil for its tightness, personally, and Frog for its looseness.

HugoVirtuoso September 26, 2021 19:22

To Sideways: Any plan to reinstate Staves of Holiness?

Sideways September 27, 2021 06:13


Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 (Post 155539)
To Sideways: Any plan to reinstate Staves of Holiness?

Not really.

GrimaTheBold October 6, 2021 16:41

Stat Gain Question
Quick question I've always wondered. When you gain a stat, as you approach your max the gains are smaller. For example if your current stat is 18/10, you might gain /20 to /30 points. But if you are at 18/65 and your max is 18/70, you'll only gain a couple of points maybe.

So my question, if you know you will raise that score's max in the future (!New Life), will your ultimate stat be higher if you save those stat gain potions when you're close to your current max and drink them after you've raised the max? For example, if max is 18/70, and you're currently at 18/65, and you have a stat gain potion, is it better to save it and not drink until you've raised that max? Or is that not the way it works?

Seraphimus October 6, 2021 22:36


Originally Posted by Sideways (Post 148179)
I'm not entirely happy with the current situation, but I'm not sure basing Crafting off the item's original generation level would be an improvement or more intuitive, as the generation level has no other effects post-generation. (Basing it off the item kind's native level would also be non-ideal.)

Possible new approaches I would consider are 1) for Crafting scrolls to have a regular, flat power like scrolls of Fire, Ice, Genocide etc. do; or 2) for Crafting to give better results deeper in the dungeon like Acquirement does. The latter would be extremely easy to code, though I'm not sure I like that approach personally; it's still the same scroll, the same base item and the same player wherever the process happens.

From the perspective of a Craft caster using Crafting as a spell, it makes perfect sense that the spell's power scales up with CL the same way as other Craft enchantment spells; and I think the reason scrolls also use the player's level is so the spell and the scroll can share the same code more comfortably, but it shouldn't be very hard to separate the two.

Just found my first scroll of craft today and stumbled across this looking up information on it, Wanted to add my two cents on the Crafting scrolls situation, another option would be to do like Acquirement and have ?craft and ?*craft* where the latter is much rarer/deeper but significantly more powerful.

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